Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too Much On My Plate!

Okay Janice and "Not Steve", you guys may have won the last few rounds of Food Wars but I have a restaurant in Des Moines named after me! So there, top that!

Today, Janet and I were working in the office and we became overwhelmed by everything we had going on. I put my head down on the desk and Janet said "I Quit" and threw her hands up in the air in defeat.
Then we laughed,...regained our composure and we made lists of everything we had going on.

Here's my list:
  1. Flight Attendant
  2. Do Knitwits Stuff
  3. Write Knitwits Book
  4. Wine Rep. for Engine House #24
  5. Launch Big $ Idea-So Super Secret I haven't even told Janet about this
  6. Design New Web Site
  7. Get a Life
  8. Schedule Implant Surgery
  9. Call Mom
  10. Knit 3 Christmas Stockings for customer

How will I get all of this done? Have I bit off a little too much?

Good thing we have "Our People". Being such busy executives, we need our people and we have surrounded ourselves with a top notch staff and a great bunch of caring, capable, and giving Steves.

Maintenance Steve delivered lunch just in the nick of time. The Pee Wee Burgers and onion rings saved us from starvation and were a welcomed relief from a diet of pretzels and animal crackers. After the lunch drop, he then went over to my condo and shampooed my carpets. He is the Best! Eating and carpet cleaning weren't even on my action plan. Little Steve/Pandora Steve saved my day by fixing some computer glitches that had been tripping me up in my Knitwits duties and he's helping us design our much needed new web site. Check and check-things now moving forward. Towards the end of the work day, Comair Steve and his family showed up for a visit. He added a number of friends to my Facebook account and downloaded all of the critical updates on my computer. Again, not on the action plan but greatly appreciated! "Not Steve" had left some Newton Claret Red Wine for 5:00 refreshment. It paired well with our Hot Fudge Sundaes and we considered this research for our new career as wine reps for Engine House #24 Winery. We have Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana as our territory. "Not Steve" is also assisting me with my Super Secret Million Dollar Money Making Project.

Items #7-10, I'll just have to deal with on my own! Would it be wrong to have a "Steve" call my mother?

Without the support of all of you loyal blog followers and our many Steve's, we couldn't and wouldn't do it all. You make us better Knitwits and you help me "Get a Life!"

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