Friday, September 18, 2009

Aaaah haaah! The Conclusion

It's been a long ride but I'm going to try to wrap it all up in a tidy little summary for you.

We take our computers for granted. We assume that they'll do what we want, when we want them to. But when they don't, they become our own worst enemies. Our computers know everything about us - our social security numbers, our finances, our account numbers, our passwords, our music tastes, addresses and phone numbers of family and friends, our photo history and so much more. They are capable of so much more than I am even able to comprehend. Yet, when our trusted computer goes kaput, life still goes on- the shop still opens, the banks still bank, my friends are still my friends and pen and paper still exist!

Laura explained to me that for her husband, Chris, computers are his knitting. I guess that it is the same for Pandora Steve and "Not Steve", they get IT. I'll stick to knitting but I'll be much more diligent with computer maintenance and management.

Back up the important stuff, do it often and leave a paper trail just in case! Computers can be repaired or in my case, replaced.

What can't be replaced or repaid are the people who rallied around me during the Motherboard Meltdown. No purse-no problem, Janet to the rescue. No truck-Steve of Belinda and Steve to the rescue. No idea about what's wrong with Lappie-Laura, Aiden and Chris to the rescue. Not enough muscles-Steve and "Not Steve" to the rescue. No tools and no electrical know-how-Bill and Krista Lahner to the rescue. No food, no IT, no clue.....on and on...at every turn there were people offering an assisting hand. How am I so blessed?

A wise friend described Knitwits as a "Vortex", a place where people, places and things merge together. It is within the walls of Knitwits - the Vortex-that something magical happens. He says, "Magic is not to be explained or understood--it is just to be enjoyed."

This post is written from my new Mac book and it is a heartfelt thanks to all for getting me through a week of technical difficulty.


  1. Woah, Junko, you've sure been through the ringer!! I'm glad things are looking up for you, but did you LOSE everything (all your banking, knitting patterns, etc) when Lappie went out?? I sure hope not and wish you all the best with Lappie II!!
    Take care,
    Nancy B

  2. Thankfully no! Laura's husband was able to retrieve all valuables.

  3. I am so glad you didn't lose everything! I think we've all had that moment of gut wrenching despair when we think oh no, my computer died, when ws the last time I did a backup! Speaking of which, I'm off to do just that!