Thursday, September 17, 2009

Technical Difficulty-Part III My Peeps to the Rescue

Sunday Night. With my computer off for advanced diagnostics, I waited anxiously be my iphone for some news from Chris, Laura's husband. No news is good news, right?

Without a computer, I had no access to my patterns, my on-line banking , Facebook, Knitwits record keeping, and my life as I knew it. Time seemed to crawl at a snails pace. No news from Chris so off to bed for some quality tossing and turning, teeth grinding and night sweats.

Monday Morning. "Not Steve" called and told me that he was putting his day on hold to take me for a picnic lunch and computer shopping (if needed). Janet called to let me know that she and Steve (of Belinda & Steve) were taking Steve's truck to Addison Mac to retrieve our stuff. She would call if they needed my muscles. Well, "the call" came a few minutes later--so off I went to meet them at the shop. Just as I was about to roll up my sleeves for some heavy lifting, "Not Steve" called and to say he was in the 41017 and driving down Buttermilk Pike. His timing couldn't have been more perfect! Two thugs and a truck-just what Janet and I had wished for!

In typical women's fashion, we had no idea where to put the new large furniture acquisitions-we just knew that we hoped that the new pieces would give Knitwits the grace, elegance and style that we had admired about Addison Mac. Somehow, redecorated happened fairly quickly and everything fell into place. Thanks for your patience and brawn Steve and Not Steve.

Janet went off to a mammogram (the fun never ends for her), Steve went off to do Steve stuff and "Not Steve" and I went our own way. Our first stop, coffee! Ordered coffee, decided to have lunch instead, returned coffee, went to Sweet Basil for lunch. I had never returned a cup of coffee before, but the barista was cool with it.

During lunch, news from Laura sprang up on my iphone. DOA- no chance of revival, no how, no way. Instead of mourning the loss of Lappie, I tried to get excited about a new computer. "Not Steve" is an Apple kind of guy. Comair Steve has been crabbing at me for years about getting an Apple. Janet and Sarah, Apple people! Did they all know something I needed to know? After lunch, it would be off to Ohio and the Apple Store.

The Apple Store for "Not Steve" is like a yarn shop for me, full of endless possibility, want and desire. Since I just don't get IT, he promised to do all of the talking and translate computer speak into non-IT talk. I promised to stay focused and not have my eyes glaze over when they spoke Megs, Ram, Intel, blah blah blah. Just tell me how much and where to sign!

Boom Done. My head hurt a little bit, but we left with a cute little computer box and a bag of discs and dats-"Not Steve" knew what all of it was and what it did. Yay!

The Wingate in Jacksonville doesn't have a 15 minute time limit like the Courtyard by Marriot in Kansas City, but the light switch is on a timer that goes off every 5 minutes. Can you say annoying!

I'll wrap up this little tale of woe and conquest when I get home tommorrow night! Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion.

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