Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Weekend at Knitwits

It sure is nice being back in the 41017! After four days of flying, nothing beats your own bed, a washer and dryer, your familiar shower and full-size bottles of shampoo. There is no place like home!

This weekend, there was no place like Knitwits!
The Scarf It Up Brunch was a BIG success. I had to man the shop so I missed the fun, food, lively conversation and prizes. Everyone came into the shop after the event to give me the details-so I didn't miss out on the friendship. After the bustle of the Brunch crowd, the Everyway Wrap Crowd came in for the first KAL (Knit-A-Long) session. The next meeting may be BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) as every seat in the house was taken. The star of the KAL was Laura's Jordana Paige Knitting Bag. We passed it around, ogled and awed, and picked styles and colors for our "Wish Lists". It holds an amazing amount of knitter's treasures, is well organized...and best of all...it looks like a fashionable purse! Gotta have one!

Today was a good day at the shop. It was Christmas Knitting day and with the cooler temperature outside, it really made me think about Winter. I hate that I don't enjoy the fall because I'm dreading winter so much! Our ball winder got a good workout today-lots of Malabrigo, kool-aid dyed yarn, and Misti Alpaca. The new fall yarns are going out as quickly as they came in-why do most of them need to be wound?

It's time to finish knitting those sweaters and socks. Sweater weather is here! Dust off the boots and don the handknit socks (or...sock in my case).

This week promises to be just as activity-filled as this past weekend with crochet classes, lunch at the Alpaca Farm on Thursday, Kid's Club, Sweater and Sock Club, and "Mean Girls Knitting" (that's what the Cookie A. Sock Knitters call themselves because they talk about you if you don't attend). There's something for everyone and the coffee is free!

Come Buy! The Fish has Landed!


  1. We don't call ourselves Mean because we talk about you behind your back. We're Mean because we offer advice on which sock yarns to use. In the Mean Girl's defense, we have EXCELLENT taste!

  2. Ouch! We are mean because of our peer pressure and high standards of what yarn you had to use on our first meeting-- (Denali) We don't talk about anyone behind their back!

  3. Apologies to the mean girls! Will clarify comments in future blog. :(