Friday, May 17, 2013

My Return to Blogging

It's been a very long time since I blogged!

So much has happened since my last post.....a few steps backward, a few steps forward and a lot of time spent running in circles.

In September 2012, Comair, the airline that I flew for for 15 years, clipped my wings, closed their doors and left me and thousands of other folks trying to figure out how to update our resumes and file for unemployment benefits.

In early October 2012, Janet broke her foot in a freaky walnut incident.
In late October 2012, Norm Wilhelmi, Janet's charismatic father, passed away in his sleep. Norm was the Knitwits' biggest cheerleader. He shared our little weekly E-News with anyone who would read it.

In February 2013, Sheryl, the sane Miss Congeniality of the shop, sold her home in the 41017 and moved to Northern South Carolina.

In a "nutshell", the last few months have been physically and emotionally upsetting, full of loss and change. Now that we've now had time to heal, to digest everything and brace for the impacts, we find ourselves feeling blessed for what we do have, ashamed for taking things for granted and empowered to be better.

Without Knitwits and the "Knitwits" who frequent the shop, Janet and I would be lost.
Because of Knitwits, we find purpose, strength and comfort.

It is our hope that Knitwits be a place of comfort, support and friendship when bad news is delivered as well as a place to share and celebrate life's joys.

Thanks for reading.