Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Do You Land A Fish?

Things came to a screeching halt after Janet's order to "Land This Fish!".

What does that mean? How do you Land A Fish? Where do you start? MMmmmmmmm.

Light Bulb Moment! Janet's brilliance shines through yet again!
Duh! Fishing is just like knitting!

In order to land a fish you need a fishing hole (preferably a well stocked one), a stick or rod, some string or line, bait or lures, a little skill and luck! Knitting requires a stocked LYS (Local Yarn Shop), sticks (needles or crochet hooks), string--we call it yarn, lures--free coffee, laughs, and again, yarn, a little skill and yes, luck!

Do you go to the local pond for deep sea fishing? Can you catch Alaskan Salmon in Kentucky? NO! You can't stock everything but a good fish market will order it for you.

Suddenly, things became clear. Keep a well stocked pond, have the correct tools for the task at hand, throw in some bait and lures, gather up your fishing buddies, have plenty of refreshments and learn to think like a fish!

Our Fall/Winter plan is ready to "Land the Fish!"
A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's Time to Land This Fish!

After a month of trying to figure out our fall/winter buy, meeting with reps, going to TNNA, number crunching, forecasting, looking into our magic ball, and number crunching some more, we had a mini-melt down this week. We have spent our entire wad and we hadn't even bought what was on our original plan!

In true take command fashion, Janet announces, "It's Time to Land This Fish!"

Everything came to a screeching halt. Frozen in time and motion-----we looked at each other and did what we do best....We Laughed!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Am My Own Worst Enemy

I have just returned from four, fun (NOT!) filled days of Flight Attendent Mayhem! The worse part is that I am to blame for most of the madness. I suffered the usual weather delays, which are to be expected, but, the bulk of the nonsense was my own doing!

Here are the highlights:

The first flight to Chicago O'Hare started with a delay due to late arriving aircraft. We were full (of course) and rushing to get back on schedule. Somehow I lost my glasses in the chaos of changing crews, getting commisary supplies and boarding. After fumbling through the snack and beverage service, I was restocking the galley and dropped a six-pack of Coke at my feet. All six cans opened into a massive Coke Bomb that exploded up my skirt. In a panick, I kicked the Coke Bomb which caused a lawn sprinkler type action that extended from First Class to the Flight Deck door. After mopping floor, ceiling, lavatory, boarding door, flight deck door, me and everything/everybody else, I quickly changed into dry hose and underpants-sticky skirt stayed on. The First Class passengers thanked me for an entertaining 50 minutes of flight as they pried their shoes off of the floor and deplaned.

We changed planes in Chicago-thank goodness! I'm sure I'll hear back from the crew that took over our aircraft. The night was still young, and we still had to fly to La Guardia and Boston. Weather delays and air traffic delays further complicated our plans but we arrived in Boston by 1:00 AM.

When I got to the hotel in Boston, I peeled off the sticky skirt and sweater, looked in the mirror and noticed that I looked like a synchronized swimmer with Coke matted hair. ARRRGH!

Our Flight from Boston to Cincinnati was uneventful. But, we had a four hour break before we were scheduled to go to Tampa. Being the diligent Knitwit, I escaped to the shop during the break to take care of a few things and as I was pulling into the airport, my phone rang. I answered the phone thinking it was my friend Janice 859-727-(no glasses)..... but the number on my phone was 859-767-..... Never answer a phone number with 859-767-...that's Comair! It was scheduling and they were changing my assignment. They were sending me to Detroit and they were holding the flight for me to ride as a passenger.

I ran through security, through the terminal to the furthest possible Gate-B33. I was not feeling very fresh, but things got worse. There was no APU on the aircraft (meaning there was no air conditioning while on the ground) and this was my seatmate (my seat-and-a-half-mate). We were nice and cozy in the very back row by the lavatory.

From Detroit, I toweled off, reapplied deordorant, found my new crew and worked the flight to Lexington, KY. Things got better for a brief while.

Steve Meyers, (Tall Steve, Knitwits Maintenance God and Belinda's Husband) was in Lexington and he picked me up for lunch. We went to Ramsey's, a great Southern Down-Home Fried Food Emporium/Diner and chowed down on fried green tomatoes, creamed corn, kale, mac 'n cheese and meatloaf. YUM! Then, I dragged him to a pie shop and knitting shop called Magpies. Thanks Steve, you are a true friend and trooper!

Above is the weather map as I was leaving Lexington for La Guardia. It's hard to see-but the map is all clear except for the BIG GREEN BLOB right over Lexington. Remember the storms on Thursday night? Delay, turbulence, New Crew #3....the fun never ends.

We bumped and bounced to La Guardia and then to Savannah, Georgia. We got to Savannah around 1:00 AM and got into the hotel van that was just like the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" van. Cool!

Not Cool! We got in the wrong van. We were at the Baymont Suites and we stay at the Staybridge Suites. It's now 2:00 AM!
Easy Day! All I have to do is deadhead (ride as a passenger) to Cincinnati!

Arrive at Savannah Airport to see the above departure board. Flight #6500 to Cincinnati is CANCELED! :(
Savannah to Atlanta, two and a half bour sit, Atlanta to Cincinnati. No Glasses!--cannot read chart to work on Shop Owners Waistcoat Sweater in Size Medium!
Thank goodness I grabbed some size 11 needles and some Baby Alpaca Grande on the 4 hour break (Day 2)!
When life doesn't go as planned....KNIT!
I finished the Baby Alpaca Grande Flaired Vest as we taxied to the gate in Cincinnati.
Checked Out & Back in the 41017!

The Last Leg

I'm on the last leg of my four day trip and I plan to be back around lunchtime. I finally found a computer to use but I have to keep it short--my ride to the Savannah Airport leaves in a few minutes.

I had no idea that I woulld be in Savannah, of Lexington or anywhere else I've been for the past few days. The powers that be took me off of my original assignment and put me on someone else's trip. It worked out better for me (and the others involved) in the long run but I missed my laptop computer and yarn friends.

My next blog is "I Am my Own Worse Enemy". Stay tuned!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Guy Yarn Rep Knits!

Thomas, the yarn rep we met with today, is a young, good looking, guy knitter! And likes to knit for his fiance. He did want to get a workout in before he hit the road again, so we kept focus and finished up somewhat quickly (for us at least). I owe him an apology for doubting his knitting skills, he really knew his stuff and was a pleasure to work with and get to know.

We actually have lots in common. We knit, we workout, we're on the road too much with yarn and suitcases and we have plans for writing a book. Go figure---I thought he was just going to be "Yarn Dude."

Thomas commented on the "Southern, down-home" hospitality of the shop.
Perhaps that is why I too enjoy the shop so much. It truly is my home away from home.

Live. Laugh. Knit!

Knitting and Sauvignon Blanc and Blabbing

Before you click on this link, be warned that the guy is annoying and the video is looooong. Ignore him and listen to the knitting part (first few minutes).


Many of you have been asking about my flight attendant friend, Marci. She has been doing well at Drake Rehab. The updates have been fairly vague, but I understand that she is eating on her own, walking with some assistance and making phone calls. She may be able to return home in the next few weeks. Amen! Rumor has it that she will be taking her first outing since the accident. She wants to go to Skyline Chili--I think she's baaaaack! Thank you for your kind thoughts and concern and continue praying for a full recovery.

Because of Father's Day, there was no competitive adult kickball this week, so Janet, Sarah and I ventured out of the 41017 and saw UP after we closed the shop yesterday. Janet's movie preference usually runs toward animated mice, Sarah and I like movies that show only at the Esquire--but we all agreed that UP was fabulous! A must see for ALL ages!

I kinda feel like I'm juggling a gazillion balls in the air right now. We're working on Fall/Winter buying, Knitting Boot Camp, Christmas in July, Fun Run/Walks, the daily routines of the shop/Comair/home, flying four days a week, blogging and knitting. "Busy, busy..Touch Trolley..Touch Galley..Get Nothing Done!"

Today, we see yet another yarn rep. He (John? or Tom?) looks like the kind of guy who has never set foot in a yarn shop. He ain't no Kosher Cowboy! I'll take two aspirin and make my way over to the shop for another day of head spinning buying. Then, I'll do laundry and pack my bags for tommorrow's trip.

Someone please remind me to pick up my uniforms at the dry cleaners!

Now for the random thoughts:
Knitting Boot Camp-lot's of interest in this gem! We're thinking to start in September, evening and weekend sessions. Any thoughts? Post comments.
Christmas in July-Get a jump start on your Christmas gift knitting! Two programs. First, "The 12 Gifts of Christmas"-shop favorite projects to make, embellish and finish by Christmas. Kind of like Craft Camp for Grownups. Saturday workshops with different staff knitters. Second, "One Skein Wonders with Elizabeth"-using the 101 One Skein Wonders and One Skein books, each project you complete (with Knitwits yarn) will be rewarded with a Yarn card stamp! Memberships not required.
Scarf It Up Fun Run/Walk-Team Knitwits! Join the gang as a participant or volunteer in this benefit for Scarf It Up for those in Need! Details at shop, fun and free t-shirt guarenteed!
New Stuff-Our TNNA finds are arriving in drips and drabs. New yarns, notions, books, kits and felted rocks! Stay tuned-it's worth the wait!
4Th of July Holiday Hours- shop closed July 3rd-6th.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to post!

I know that it is hotter than Hades out there, but knitting is an all-year round, indoor/outdoor sport. Grab your yarn, needles, head for the movies, pool, beach, ballgame or Knitwits (fans have been found) and Get Your Knit On--or grab a glass of your favorite wine and work on a mindless project (not lace).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Don't Get IT!

I've been bringing my laptop on trips with me because I think I have a Blog Addiction. I tell myself to bring lappie so I can get some Knitwits accounting done---but, truth be told--it is because I can't really blog on my iphone.

When I try to get on-line at the hotel or on a break at the airport, I have a heck of a time trying to figure out how! Wi-fi, VPN, LAN, error, passwords...I just don't get it! I just want to connect!
I need a little "Pocket Pandora" to help me out.

Young Steve's business card reads IT Specialist. I apparently don't get IT! Whatever IT is, I don't have IT!

On the bright side, I have knIT! When it comes to knitting, I feel like a knIT specialist. I can figure out SSP, TBL, CB4F, etc. So...if you run into a knit problem, you can blog or e-mail me. If I can connect my computer, I'll get back to You!

Now, a message from Guest Blogger, Jill.

Today I did something very brave. For me, that is—a librarian by training who just hates, hates, hates to have her books mistreated. Today I decided to take my Cookie A’s Sock Innovation book to Staples and have them cut the spine off. Why did I do it? Think of it as preventive medicine. My book’s binding was beginning to show signs of wear. This measure, drastic as it may seem, was meant to keep my book healthy. Staples replaced the spine with a nice spiral binding. And they put mylar covering on the back and front for extra protection. Now my book, which has already seen a lot of wear, has a tough binding, opens out perfectly flat and it will be much, much easier to photocopy. Cost? $2.99. For $2.99 I’ve got a more usable book that will stand up to heavy use. How long did it take? Oh, maybe five minutes or so. A great investment of time and money, if you ask me.

(imagine picture HERE)

I showed my husband the book when I got home. He said, “Hey! You’ve got a Teacher’s Manual now!” I guess that’s true, since I’m leading the Cookie A sock knitalong. We’ll be starting a new sock soon… anyone is welcome to join, although you have to buy the book and be willing to be adventuresome. I promise the socks you make will be beautiful and teach you lots! Now I am going to need to look at my knitting bookshelf and figure out what else needs a visit to Staples…. As long as the book has a good margin, it should work just fine.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Scrambled Eggs

I'm heading into the final stretch of my trip-Day #4!

I fly from MCI (Kansas City) to CVG (the airport for 41017), tease myself for an hour, fly to DFW (Dallas), then back to CVG. For some reason, I don't see things going as planned.

Because...if you ever need to know where I am, simply look at a weather map to find the severe weather warnings, tornadoes, hurricanes, fog and flooding. This week, the tornado sirens were blaring in Kansas City, accompanied by pingpong ball sized hail. We were welcomed in NYC with 2+" inches of cold rain and fog. How's the weather in the 41017. By the time I get there, it should be crappy.

My brain feels like scrambled eggs -way too many days on the road, way too many yarn reps, the whirlwind of TNNA, the excitement of competitive adult kickball and life's many other routines. It feels like shampoo, rinse, lather, repeat. Thank goodness for my knitting. I'm just about finished with the second sleeve of Janet's "Shop Owner Knitted Waistcoat in size Medium."

Here's a quick clip of me at work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge_x1U2rYBo

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The life of a competitive adult Kickball player isn't all fun and games! I keep myself in fairly good shape--I jog, do yoga, play with the wii, move hand weights around and pay the Better Bodies bill every month. Janet sees her personal trainer twice a week and rides her stationary bike in the mornings.

Two days after our first competitive adult kickball game, I still find it difficult to cross my legs without assistance and to go down steps without wincing in pain. What's up with that? At first Janet denied, the aches and pains. Granted, she didn't have to run as much as "Iron Foot- I Got on Base a couple of Times Junko", but she too was running around in the mud and rain. I caught on to her when we dropped something at TNNA and we both looked at each other like, "I'm not bending over to get that." The true confession came yesterday, when she said, "Okay, I kinda have kicking leg. Hand me the aspirin."

Now, I'll cut the blab and get on with the blog.
In order to get faster, stronger, smarter and better, you have to "Workout", do "Personal Training" and or "Classes." Even then, sometimes you need something more drastic---like "BOOT CAMP"!

Here at Knitwits, we offer "Workouts", "Personal Training", Classes and Clubs. Do you see where we're going? That's right...Beginning in September we will offer Knitwits Boot Camp! 10 sessions of hands-on knitting skill development.

The great thing about Boot Camp is that it is a professionally developed curriculum with teacher manuals, student handbooks and everything else (students, teachers and yarn not included). This is the one thing that everyone who went to TNNA ranted and raved about. Janet is our first victim to sign up for Knitwits Boot Camp, spaces are limited and filling up quickly.

In the meantime, Janet and I are going to step up game and continue training for competitive adult kickball. We are really getting a jump start on our training for the Senior Olympics (we still have a few years before we qualify), we just haven't found our specialty yet. I don't think its kickball. :(

Monday, June 15, 2009

Columbus and Back and Four More Days on the Road

We made it to Columbus and Back! One coffee stop, one potty break and one u-turn.

I don't know about ALL of you readers, but Jill and Sheryl weren't convinced that we would actually go. Have you no Faith?

We drove, we parked, we signed in, we shopped! After just a few booths, everything started to look the same. But, we did find some really "wow" things that we thought you'd all love. We also saw the Kosher Cowboy and too many kniters that believed that it was necessary to wear everything they've ever made.

Tomorrow, I leave on yet another four day trip. The fun never stops!
I'm taking 3 balls of Cascade Lana D'Oro for a sweater coat that Janet thinks a Yarn Shop Owner should have. She keeps checking in to make sure I'm knitting a medium, not a small. If I blog that I'm running low on yarn, my trip is not going well. :(

Too much to blab about and not enough time...so stop by the shop and get the skinny on the TNNA show, new yarns and other plans in the works.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Peaches, TNNA and Kickball

What a weekend!

Today was Peaches & Creme Sunday and the exchange of names for the dishcloth exchange. It is fun to get to know the likes/dislikes of fellow knitting friends and to dream up something creative and fun for your recipient. The creative juices are flowing and we had a wonderful afternoon of chatting, laughing and knitting.

This weekend is the big TNNA show in Columbus. Some of the staff took a ride to Columbus to see the show. Their heads are still spinning from everything they saw even though you can't see it all in a day. More to come on TNNA in later posts.

Janet's Adult Kickball league kicked off this afternoon. Rain or...I should say Rain and shine we played! It was a blast! I've been avoiding the kickball subject but I was roped into playing at the last minute and I am so glad I did. My face hurts from smiling so much.

You blog readers are the best...several yarn card stamps were given for knowing the super secret blog password! Keep reading, there will be more gems buried in these random thoughts.

Tomorrow, Janet and I plan to drive to Columbus for the show. If your taking bets on whether or not we make it--I would say its a go...but tomorrow isn't here yet. Stay tuned......

The moral of today's blog is "No matter what we do, Knitwits always have a BALL!"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Idea

I know Junko already blogged a few times already this week (today) and I'm sure the ramblings inside my head are not nearly as profound as hers, but I am at the shop tonight not wanting to go home until dark, so I thought I would ramble a bit. Yesterday was George's birthday, seems funny to remember someone's birth when they are gone. Do you count the years moving forward, or backward? Would be 59 years, gone now going on 2 years.

It's hard to believe Knitwits is heading into its 6th year this summer. Wow, what a ride that has been. Today I drove past a billboard for Cincinnati State University's Culinary Arts Department and thought of a new Knitwits sideline..food. Junko could do the knitting, I could make food and we could combine Knitwits into a place that satisfies both life forces. I will keep thinking.

You will never know how much the fun and friendship of all Knitwits people means to me. I feel so blessed to have a place where good friends (and maybe food) are made! Thanks a-latte!

The Knitwits Book

Janet and I like to go to Borders to research books. It seems like everyone has written a book and every topic is covered. I have several favorite authors.

One is Ray Shannon (aka Gar Anthony Haywood), a new Facebook friend and the author of Maneater. He's a favorite because I appear on the Maneater book jacket. (Weird huh?)

Now, for the really weird part....Janet and I are my very favorite authors (even though we haven't yet published.)

Our book is still in our brains and we haven't had time to download our thoughts to paper yet. Our book is going to be part knitting book, part cookbook, part self-help, part travel-log. Most importantly, it will be about friendship, enjoying what you do, eating well with the perfect wine pairing, and exploring the world in search of the perfect yarn.

Here's our plan:

2008 Develop plan for Knitwits and Book Project
2009 Rework Plan for Knitwits, Buy Bookcase in preparation for Upcoming Book Project

2010 Tweek plan for Knitwits, Begin Book Project

So, you see...we're right on schedule.

The patterns will be time-less and simple, like most of the Knitwits patterns.

Here's an example:


2-3 balls of yarn

2 Knitting needles of same size or one circular knitting needle (whatever you have laying around without a UFO-UnFinished Object on it)

Gauge: doesn't matter-it's a scarf!

Cast on x stitches. (x=pick a number between 10 and 30)

Knit until you run out of yarn.

Tink* last row of knitting. (tink*= knit backwards, meaning rip-out, sounds much-less violent)

Bind off.


The recipes, again -timeless and simple.

Open, Toss, Mix, Serve in pretty bowl or stemware. Serve with plenty of your favorite wine. Voila!

Okay, you get the drift.

Janet is a wonderful cook and has plenty of simple yet yummy recipes. I have three recipes but, they are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Wait a minute, we have been published! We wrote and printed the Haney Handbook two years ago. Okay, cooking portion complete! Is it plagiarism when you copy your own stuff?

Our first book, The Haney Handbook will be exclusively available at Knitwits soon. We publish it at Kinko's, so let us know how many copies we should order.

Life On the Road-The Kosher Cowboy

I often complain about never getting to spend time in the 41017 zipcode. After meeting the "Kosher Cowboy", I need to stop my crabbing and get over it-it could be worse, much worse.

Let me explain.
On Monday, we met with 2 Yarn Reps. Let's call the first one Linda, because that is her name. She represents Classic Elite, Misty Alpaca, Mission Falls and a few other lines. We love her. She is a "Knitwit" in her sense of style, sense of humor and good general common sense. The second Rep. was the Kosher Cowboy, Les. I want to call him Less More because I think it's funny-but we'll call him the Kosher Cowboy, since that is how he refers to himself. He represents Rowan (my favorite Line), Nashua Knits, Gedifra and a few others. Les is Jewish, keeps a Kosher diet, observes Sabbath and is a very funny, fast talking, easy to laugh New Yorker wearing very tight blue jeans, pointy cowboy boots, and a Cowboy hat with Hamulke underneath.

It used to take us a full day, from sun up to sun down, to meet with ONE Rep! After seven years, I think we're finally getting the hang of this buying thing. We (Janet, Junko and Sue) now have a budget, notepads (okay, I had to share with Janet), an order book, and 2 pens (again, Janet and I had to share)- and we saw 2 reps in one day. They couldn't have been more different.

Yarn Reps drive from yarn shop to yarn shop with suitcases jammed packed with yarn and yarn related goodies. Linda drove from Chicago and scheduled our visit on her way to the TNNA Show in Columbus, OH this Weekend. I don't know what TNNA stands for - but for us it means the "The Really Big Yarn Association".

The Kosher Cowboy has been on the road for 6 WEEKS, with 2 more WEEKS to go!
I could never be a Kosher Cowboy!
  • I don't like to drive and I only like to make right hand turns.
  • As a passenger, I'm good for 2, maybe three hours in the car. After that, get me to the closest airport!
  • I could not be surrounded by a carload of lovely yarn and patterns samples that I couldn't knit.
  • Keeping any type of restricted diet is so difficult on the road. Before Comair, I used to be a vegetarian, being on the road squashed that quickly.
  • 8 weeks on the road-twice a year!

I'll stick to my four day trips and I'll quit complaining about it!

PS: Girl Scout Cookies are Kosher, Fritos are almost Kosher, JellyBelly's are Kosher-fake JellyBellys are not.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life on the Road

Sometimes I feel like I have multiple personalities. The two dominant ones are Knitwit and Flight Attendant.

I've morphed into Flight Attendant until Friday Night. You would think that working at a Yarn Shop, you'd get a lot of knitting time. Quite the contrary! When I'm working (Flight Attendant Me), I get tons of knitting done, I get to read, I get to run and do yoga. When I'm "Off" (Knitwit Me-I don't consider Knitwits a job-too much fun), I rarely get to do any of that. It's like parking in a driveway and driving on a parkway. What's UP with that?

My flights (3) ran late all day yesterday, I was the only one who didn't seem to mind because I got a lot of knitting done. Thank Goodness I Knit! We finally got into Boston last night after 1:00 AM. (Note to self, always check hotel alarm clock before going to bed.) Alarm rang at 5:00 AM, and I was unable to go back to sleep.

I ate a sandwich, slept for another hour, gave up trying to sleep, picked up knitting, messed up pattern, ran 5 miles, did hotel room yoga, had several cups of coffee, did USA Today Crossword puzzle-all before 10:00 AM.

It's now a little after Noon, and I'm exhausted-need to go back to bed! But, its time to start my day as Flight Attendant. Argh!

I don't know why I complain about my "Job" (Flight Attendant Me) so much, because I really get a chance to do all the things I like to do. Perhaps, its because I miss being with you all!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Emilie, Almosters, and Knitting on the Go.

Here's Emilie Hatton in the sweater that her mother, Lisa "Rockstar" Hatton, knit for her. Have you ever seen anything sweeter?

I've finished a few things myself this weekend-well almost finished. My Yukon sock (singular) is just waiting for me to tackle the kitchener stitch, but I'm not convinced that I'm happy with the toe decreases. My mystery baby blanket is on display at the shop. The project was an on-line project where they gave you a series of clues to knit. You had no idea what the finished project was going to look like. I'm a trusting soul-and I'm glad I did it! It's super cute and was fun to do. I have the last clue to finish. It's a pocket for holding toys. The blanket is totally done, ends woven in, seams stitched up. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Blogging makes you much more accountable for finishing the projects that you've blabbed about. Thanks readers!

We survived the "I Wanna Buy a Bookshelf" Sale and this weekend's Storewide Sale-today, we begin Fall and Winter '09 buying. It's hard to think about Fall and Winter when its 4000 degrees outside. Classic Elite, Rowan, Mission Falls and many other lines will be seen today-and its going to be a long one. Stay tuned for Fall/Winter forecast.

I know many of you are busy with vacations, visiting, entertaining guests and and activities like kickball, softball, gardening and swimming. Take knitting with you. My projects serve as a little memory scrapbooks. I remember the baby blanket I knit in Italy, the sweater I knit when my flights in Mexico cancelled due to a two-day mechanical problem and the sock I was knitting when my first nephew was born. Fill your knitting with fond memories.

Two more things to remember for today:
  1. When life gives you a yarn sale, buy!
  2. Sock yarn doesn't count as stash.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free Entertainment

Here are some great freebie baby patterns from Knitting Daily. Knitting Daily is the Interweave Press daily e-mail. They send a freebie pattern, tip of the day, or knitting inspiration each and every day (just what I need-temptation to start something new).


Check out the cutie-pie sheep slippers!

Speaking of sheep, check out this YouTube video that TJ found.
Extreme Sheep

Friday, June 5, 2009

Need to justify your knitting?

Need to justify your knitting habit?

Marci Update

I'm on day four of my 4-day trip-running a little low on yarn and enthusiasm. They have turned us flight attendants into vending machines. I'm very anxious to get back to the zip because I love a good sale!

Marci Update:
It is my understanding that Marci has been moved to Drake Rehab. She is awake and aware and has been able to visit with her 5 year old, Colby. She is starting to eat again and is working with her therapists to regain movement. She has a big mountain to climb but lots of supporters and fans.

Off to LGA and then back to the zip. See you sometime aftr lunch. Ciao!


Monday, June 1, 2009


Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.

I recently visited a customer/friend's home. I knew she had great taste and was multi-talented but her home totally blew me away. She has a great condo with amazing views but it was her artwork displayed everywhere that made her home so much more personalized!

Her mosaics, sculptures, paintings, beaded arrangements, needlepoint, sewing and knitting were incorporated into each and every room. When I left, I wanted to throw away everything I own, move and start over. She has inspired me to think bigger about how knitting fits into my life.

While I am limited to knitting in my artistic endeavors, I would like to incorporate knitted items into my living space. I envision knitted chair cushions (Weekend Knitting-Melanie Falick Pattern), a knitted Noro Log Cabin Wallhanging, and crocheted placemats like Sue's. Would a knitted lampshade be too much?

I needed to remember two things- first, there is a difference between handmade and homemade and second, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Find your dream project and if you want it bad enough, you can knit it! In the meantime, keep your eyes open for your inspiration. It may be a yarn, a pattern or something you saw in a store or magazine.

You guys inspire me everyday to be a better knitter!