Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Knitwits Book

Janet and I like to go to Borders to research books. It seems like everyone has written a book and every topic is covered. I have several favorite authors.

One is Ray Shannon (aka Gar Anthony Haywood), a new Facebook friend and the author of Maneater. He's a favorite because I appear on the Maneater book jacket. (Weird huh?)

Now, for the really weird part....Janet and I are my very favorite authors (even though we haven't yet published.)

Our book is still in our brains and we haven't had time to download our thoughts to paper yet. Our book is going to be part knitting book, part cookbook, part self-help, part travel-log. Most importantly, it will be about friendship, enjoying what you do, eating well with the perfect wine pairing, and exploring the world in search of the perfect yarn.

Here's our plan:

2008 Develop plan for Knitwits and Book Project
2009 Rework Plan for Knitwits, Buy Bookcase in preparation for Upcoming Book Project

2010 Tweek plan for Knitwits, Begin Book Project

So, you see...we're right on schedule.

The patterns will be time-less and simple, like most of the Knitwits patterns.

Here's an example:


2-3 balls of yarn

2 Knitting needles of same size or one circular knitting needle (whatever you have laying around without a UFO-UnFinished Object on it)

Gauge: doesn't matter-it's a scarf!

Cast on x stitches. (x=pick a number between 10 and 30)

Knit until you run out of yarn.

Tink* last row of knitting. (tink*= knit backwards, meaning rip-out, sounds much-less violent)

Bind off.


The recipes, again -timeless and simple.

Open, Toss, Mix, Serve in pretty bowl or stemware. Serve with plenty of your favorite wine. Voila!

Okay, you get the drift.

Janet is a wonderful cook and has plenty of simple yet yummy recipes. I have three recipes but, they are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Wait a minute, we have been published! We wrote and printed the Haney Handbook two years ago. Okay, cooking portion complete! Is it plagiarism when you copy your own stuff?

Our first book, The Haney Handbook will be exclusively available at Knitwits soon. We publish it at Kinko's, so let us know how many copies we should order.

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  1. I'm sure gonna want one!! Please order one for Nancy Booth!!