Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life On the Road-The Kosher Cowboy

I often complain about never getting to spend time in the 41017 zipcode. After meeting the "Kosher Cowboy", I need to stop my crabbing and get over it-it could be worse, much worse.

Let me explain.
On Monday, we met with 2 Yarn Reps. Let's call the first one Linda, because that is her name. She represents Classic Elite, Misty Alpaca, Mission Falls and a few other lines. We love her. She is a "Knitwit" in her sense of style, sense of humor and good general common sense. The second Rep. was the Kosher Cowboy, Les. I want to call him Less More because I think it's funny-but we'll call him the Kosher Cowboy, since that is how he refers to himself. He represents Rowan (my favorite Line), Nashua Knits, Gedifra and a few others. Les is Jewish, keeps a Kosher diet, observes Sabbath and is a very funny, fast talking, easy to laugh New Yorker wearing very tight blue jeans, pointy cowboy boots, and a Cowboy hat with Hamulke underneath.

It used to take us a full day, from sun up to sun down, to meet with ONE Rep! After seven years, I think we're finally getting the hang of this buying thing. We (Janet, Junko and Sue) now have a budget, notepads (okay, I had to share with Janet), an order book, and 2 pens (again, Janet and I had to share)- and we saw 2 reps in one day. They couldn't have been more different.

Yarn Reps drive from yarn shop to yarn shop with suitcases jammed packed with yarn and yarn related goodies. Linda drove from Chicago and scheduled our visit on her way to the TNNA Show in Columbus, OH this Weekend. I don't know what TNNA stands for - but for us it means the "The Really Big Yarn Association".

The Kosher Cowboy has been on the road for 6 WEEKS, with 2 more WEEKS to go!
I could never be a Kosher Cowboy!
  • I don't like to drive and I only like to make right hand turns.
  • As a passenger, I'm good for 2, maybe three hours in the car. After that, get me to the closest airport!
  • I could not be surrounded by a carload of lovely yarn and patterns samples that I couldn't knit.
  • Keeping any type of restricted diet is so difficult on the road. Before Comair, I used to be a vegetarian, being on the road squashed that quickly.
  • 8 weeks on the road-twice a year!

I'll stick to my four day trips and I'll quit complaining about it!

PS: Girl Scout Cookies are Kosher, Fritos are almost Kosher, JellyBelly's are Kosher-fake JellyBellys are not.


  1. Does thi mean you will be carrying Rowan yarn??!!

  2. Yup! We can't carry the whole line. So, we're thonking best of. Were you interested on something special?

  3. After talking to you on Saturday, I'll be looking for Kidsilk Haze.