Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's been 9 years......

Knitwits Back in the High Rent District (2005?)
It's been 9 years but I think we're getting the hang of it! Many people think that working at a yarn shop must be a lot of fun. It is...but it's also a lot of work! If it were easy and all fun, there would be a Knitwits on every corner!

Yarn shops are like fingerprints, there are no two alike--nor should there be! Every shop has its own personality, merchandise mix, strengths and weaknesses and NONE are perfect! If they look perfect...they must not be very busy. And, if they're busy it doesn't always mean they're making money. Trust me on that one.

People will seek out a Local Yarn Shop (LYS), so location is important but it isn't everything. Rent is a biggee! It is what you pay in rent AND happens within the doors that makes a yarn shop successful...or not.

Yarn shops are the quintessential "Mom and Pop" operations or in the case of Knitwits, "Mom, BFF and Best Employees" operation. Unless you're willing to spend a lot of money, everyone involved in the operation has to wear many hats to keep the doors open. A LYS has to sell a lot of yarn and needles to pay the rent. It is the marketing of the shop, customer service, selling the classes, clubs, events and creating positive experiences that will get people coming back. Building a loyal customer base takes time (lots and lots of it), creativity (lots of crazy ideas), resourcefulness (lots, again) and money (way too much). After nine years, we're finally getting our expenses in line with our sales---but we're working harder than ever!

Turn back the hands of time by 9 years. 
Janet knew how to knit but she wasn't a knitter. She thought it would be "fun" to have a little yarn shop and she wrote some of her thoughts down on a cocktail napkin. Soon after, Knitwits Contemporary Yarn Shop was opened as a birthday present from Janet's late husband, George.

An amazing series of events has occurred since then.
We've laughed and we've cried.
George's gift of Knitwits continues to touch and change many lives in too many ways to count!
It has been the gift that keeps giving!

Happy Birthday Janet!
(Jay too, Janet's twin brother)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back in the 41017

It's been a week since we returned from the wonderful birthday trip. I still have a few days off before I go back to flying...so it truly has been a fabulous vacation. I have been able to ease back into a routine of time at the shop, knitting/crocheting, napping and spring cleaning. 50 ain't so bad!
50 Ain't SO Bad!

It has been a few weeks since I started a new project. At first, it was a little bit like going through withdrawl. But, I have some great projects on the needles and I like them all enough to keep plugging away at them. I think the key for me is to stay off Ravelry!

I'm am thrilled that so many people followed our journey via the Prog Blog and Facebook. Social media is amazing. Everyone asks, "What was the best part of the trip?" or "What was your favorite place?"  These are really tough questions to answer.

Prague (or if John were writing this- Prog in the Check Republic) was everything that people told us it would be. It was beautiful and full of history. We loved our comfortable yet small hotel that was tucked in the top of the hillside across from Prague Castle. It was weird that Prague was so busy during the day and practically deserted after sunset. We figure that the bus tours and cruise ships pack tons of visitors to Prague for the day. The best part of Prague was our car trip to Cesky Krumlov, a charming, little walled city about an hour and a half drive from Prague. Jill suggested we go and I'm glad we did!
Cesky Krumlov

We took a train from Prague to Budapest and I enjoyed the 8 hours of knitting time.
I thought Prague was amazing (and still do) but Budapest was even better! It is a mix of modern and ancient with the most beautiful architecture and public spaces I have ever seen. Everything was done with a flair for aesthetics. Thanks to Capt'n John, I don't think we missed a single pastry shop. Budapest is definitely someplace I hope to return to soon where I think three days in Prague was sufficient.
Parliament in Budapest

From Budapest we flew to Paris. Paris was the perfect ending. We did not have enough time to explore everything and I don't think you could ever see everything Paris has to offer. We stayed at the Hilton Arc de Triumph, a gorgeous art deco hotel.

Now that I'm back...I think the best part of the trip was being able to explore the sights, sounds and flavors of the world but realizing that home is the very best place of all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

End of Prog Blog-Jet Lag

What a fabulous trip! This trek was my 5oth birthday present from Captain John and we couldn't have had a better time--it was a homerun. We got First or business class on ALL of our flights and miraculously had wonderful weather everywhere we went. Prague was great, Budapest was an unexpected delight and Paris was the icing on the cake.

We got back Monday afternoon and I'm afraid my body is still in vacation mode. The 8 hour plane ride back has me all confused about when to sleep and eat and my mind is still not ready to tackle my stack of mail, piles of laundry and the other responsibilities of the real world.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I head back to Knitwits with one finished sock for Capt'n John, 18" of entrelac scarf and a still unfinished Color Affection shawl. I didn't get much knitting done and I didn't see any yarn shops in Europe. In fact, I didn't even see anyone knitting the whole trip.

It was my intention to blog everyday and document the sights, sounds and flavors of the journey. My intentions were good but the execution was terrible. Most of my photos included fingers or other unintended objects and the food was always halfway eaten when I remembered that I wanted to photograph it. Internet connections were the other glitch--I'm just not IT savvy enough to download, transfer and connect yet.
Ed and Regina Fort

For those of you that are thinking about a European vacation, DO IT!...but here is some advice.
  1. Take one carry one suitcase per person and make sure that you check the acceptable size and weight restrictions on all of the carriers. We flew from Budapest to Paris on EasyJet and my suitcase was the only one that didn't need to be checked. They charge an additional 30 Euros for a checked bag and they aren't very lenient--purses and laptops must fit in the ONE bag.
  2. Keep small change in your pockets. Most WC's will charge you to use the facilities.
  3. We ended up buying an International Data Plan for John's iPhone after a few days so we could use the map functions and google stuff. The plans are fairly inexpensive and are prorated by days and not by how much data you use. 
  4. Our travel companions, Ed and Regina Fort, researched hotels on the internet and got great deals on 4 and 5 star accommodations. They read all of the customer reviews looking for comments on noise, convenience, cleanliness, etc.
  5. Late April is a great time to go to Europe. Spring Break is over and peak travel season rates seem to start on May 1st.
  6. We downloaded Zuti apps on our phones, high quality mapping apps for Apple iPhones, iPod touch, iPad & Android. Clear scrollable detailed maps of the worlds transport systems that show you the routes to take from one destination to another.
  7. With the exception on one skirt, I wore everything in my suitcase and I was not "that person" struggling with the suitcase the whole time. The must have items were KU fleece Jacket, raincoat/windbreaker, Cuddl duds, big colorful scarf that Sarah Haney gave me for birthday and gloves. I was never without the gorgeous, oversized scarf--it was perfect for taking the chill off and looked great.
  8. Take the "hop on, hop off" guided tours and get a great overview of the city before you head out on your own. In Budapest, our tickets were good for two days and we used it as transportation for most of our stay.
  9. Don't stress out over blogging, taking pictures and knitting! You're on VACATION!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


It did not take me long to get into vacation mode. In fact, my face hurts from smiling so much.
I've been sleeping well, eating very well and not looking at my watch at all...in fact, I still have my watch set for Eastern Standard Time so I know what time it is at Knitwits. I hope the journey through my "50's" and beyond continue to be as fabulous as this 50th Birthday celebration. Thank you Captain John!

Yesterday, we took a seven hour train ride from Prague to Budapest. I knit the entire way, stopping only twice for potty breaks. I had not knit much since arriving in Prague so I eagerly got to work on my Alchemy Silken Straw Color Affection project. With increases at the beginning of each row, I quickly had upwards of 300 stitches per row by the time we got to Budapest.

View of "Pest" from the "Buda" side of the Danube River

Captain John and I instantly feel in love with Budapest.
The architecture is breathtaking, the people are lively and friendly, the streets are safe and easy to navigate, restaurants are plentiful with impeccable service....desserts have been perfected!

Lunch with the Countess of Castle Garden
We are staying at The Castle Garden Hotel, a great little hotel, across the street from Budapest Castle on the "Buda" side of Budapest. The "Pest" side is across the Danube River. It seems that in Europe it is not that uncommon to give yourself a title, so I have dubbed myself "The Countess of Castle Garden."

Today, we took the "Hop On, Hop Off" Tour of Budapest and we only hopped off once...in search of the Gerbaud Cafe that John read about in the Wall Street Journal. The article described the 153 year old cafe that specializes in "Pastry Kremes", a tri-layered, super flaky, cream filled pastry. They must be very good because they were all sold out of the pastry kremes when we arrived at lunchtime.

I think I know where I'm having breakfast tomorrow........

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello from Prague!

Cesky Krumlov  :D


Prague Castle

Astronomical Clock
Off to Budapest!
Today, we leave Prague from an eight hour train ride to Budapest. I'm looking forward to some quality knitting time and giving my legs a day off. I have enjoyed every minute and every meal in Prague.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prague Update (Tuesday)

We are staying at a lovely little boutique hotel near the Prague Castle called Dominus Henrici. We love everything about the hotel...except the wi-fi doesn't work in our little suite. I'm using the hotel computer and I am unable to download the pictures from our iphones for you.

Yesterday, we toured Prague Castle.
Today, we are driving to Cesky Krumlov, a little walled town about 3 hours south of Prague. It is supposed to be one of the most picturesque places in the world.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prog Blog - Day 1

Do Birthday Wished get more powerful when you turn....my new age?

Yesterday was my birthday (it was also Ed's Birthday) and we both wished for a safe, successful and happy journey---and first class/business class would be very nice.

Wishes do come true! "Plan A" CVG-JFK, JFK-PRG was an overwhelming success!
Capt'n John picked me (and my ONE bag) up with a single red birthday rose in hand. If was a little bit like a rose ceremony scene from "The Bachelor", but it was a nice touch to start our vacation. From then on...it was first class all the way to Prague.

Capt'n John, Regina and I were able to sleep from the time they cleared away our dinner plates to the time they served breakfast. Capt'n Ed didn't have as much success. I am able to fall into the deepest, most restful sleep on airplanes-in fact, I slept so hard that the hair fairy came and gave me a very interesting doo for my Prague debut.

Prague is six hours ahead of the 41017 zip code, so I think we arrived in Prague on Saturday morning. It was sunny but a little chilly (50-60).

Our hotel is located on the very top of town. Our room was not ready when we arrived, so we took a little stroll through the neighborhood. The cobblestone streets are lined with small restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and bakeries. Every restaurant has a chalkboard with daily specials and here are some of the offerings: Pork Knuckle, Sparrow with Sauerkraut, and Pig Neck. Capt'n John was much more interested in the apple strudel and pastries.
St. Charles Bridge

After a nice nap and shower, we met up with Ed and Regina to see the sights and sounds of the city down the hill. We walked down the hill with a steady stream of people. We knew that the walk back up after a hearty meal would be grueling. We ended up having dinner along the river and under the St. Charles Bridge.

Hi everyone this is Capt'n John;  My best friend Ed's nose led us to the most wonderful pastry called a "Trdelnik". This wonderful pastry is made of dough rolled on a metal cylinder and baked over a gas flame and when golden brown, this hollow perfection of pastry heaven is rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  Mmmmmm when accompanied by a good cup of coffee it gives you a full days' requirement of vitamins and nutrients according to Capt'n John's definition of good nutrition. They were sooooo good--we had one before and one after dinner! :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Prog Blog- Pre-departure

One Suitcase and a Carry-On

It's Friday morning and the journey to Prague begins!
Plan A is to take the flight from CVG (Cincinnati) to JFK, then JFK to PRG (Prague).  Sounds like a good plan...except the four of us are traveling standby using our Employee Travel Benefits. Plan B is CVG to CDG (Paris), CDG to PRG. Plan C is I'll be at the shop later today.

Airline Employee travel benefits are a real perk for airline employees...at least they used to be. These days, the flights are sooo full that it has become more difficult to use the free travel privileges. Getting out of Cincinnati is the toughest part. When you fly "standby" you can go to the gate and after all the ticketed passengers board, you get to board if there are seats available. You can always tell the standbys...we're the ones with our eyeballs glued to the overhead screens watching for our names to appear on the "cleared" list.

When Delta and Northwest Airlines merged, Comair employees took a big hit when it came to standby travel. We used to have seating priority based on our hire dates. After the merger, our priority status plunged as all Delta and former Northwest employees are placed ahead of Comair employees (except on Comair flights). In other words, a Delta employee who was hired yesterday has a higher priority than a Comair employee with 32 years of service like Captain John. That hurts!

The Comair flight to JFK looks fair. There are 7 or 8 seats available and 9 people on the standby list. We are listed 1-4 so it looks good for us to get on! There are 16 seats available (15 in Business Class) for the Prague flight and 11 standbys listed. Wouldn't Business Class to Prague be a great Birthday present?

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and Bon Voyages!
I've packed plenty of yarn! I have Schaeffer Nicole for John's socks, Mochi Plus for an entrelac scarf and my Alchemy Silken Straw Color Affection. That should do me until we return.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Pre-Prog Blog-Part I

Captain John to Junko: How do you spell Prague?
Junko to John: How would you spell it?
John to Junko: Prague sounds like Frog...so, P-R-O-G?
The countdown is officially on and I'm starting to get really excited about the upcoming and much needed vacation! One week before we leave! The plan: Prague and Vienna.

....But, I have to finish the three-day trip that I'm currently on, get my tax returns in the mail, get a mani/pedi, bid for next month, catch up on two weeks worth of shop stuff, get two weeks worth of shop stuff taken care of for while we're gone, and a four-day trip that starts on Monday and finishes the night before we're planning to leave. Yikes! In other words, I have two days off from flying to get my life in order and I think I'm scheduled to work at Knitwits. It is crunch time and time to get serious about getting things on my action plan accomplished.

Captain John and I are hoping to have the time and technology to blog about the trip. Captain John can't spell (that's why it's the Prog Blog) and I can't take a picture worth a dime so we're setting the blog bar very low...our posts might be blurry and full of typos but the adventures of traveling "standby" might be worth it.

It's a good thing that I will be traveling with Captain John and his best friend, Ed, and his wife Regina.
They are seasoned globetrotters and have been researching hotels, points of interest and transportation options for weeks.  I'm a great person to vacation with because I'm up for anything and I'm just happy to be included but please DO NOT put me in charge of any planning or coordination- just tell me where to be and when.
Sluggage Options
For the past two weeks, I have been obsessing about the following things:
  1. Finding a suitcase that weighs nothing but holds everything so I can avoid being "That Person". "That Person" is the one group member who is always struggling with bags and stuff in the TSA Security Line, at the hotel, in the cab, etc. I have 3 candidates lined up in my living room.
  2. Figuring out what to pack? Fleece or flip flops? Boots and a bathing suit?  T-shirts or turtlenecks? Captain John is limiting me to one bag and three pairs of shoes.
  3. And most important...What am I going to knit?
Captain John has been dealing with the following:
  1. Which airport should we fly into to? Amsterdam? Paris? London? Prague? And, which airport to fly out of? CVG-Paris, JFK-Prague, Detroit-Amsterdam? MSP-?
  2. How do the loads look for non-revenue stand-by travel?
  3. How will we get to Prague and beyond? Train, plane, car, bus?
  4. Where will we stay? How long will we stay?
  5. When do we leave? When do we come back?
Clearly, Captain John is the more valuable player of our twosome.

I'm off to audition my suitcase options to see who performs best in terms of ease of packing, ease of wheeling and the "Clean and Jerk" test (the ease of pick up, lift up to waist and then lift over head drill).


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ode to Elmore-Pisgah

Ballband Dishcloth from Peaches & Creme label

I grew up with hand knit dishcloths and I've never been able to use anything else in the kitchen. There is something really special about the toothyness and absorbency of an all cotton, hand knit washrag. I loved the way the yarn would tighten up with washing and the colors would fade with time. My mom would knit an endless supply of "Cast on 4, knit 2 YO, knit to end" Peaches & Creme dishcloths. They have showed up in my Christmas Stockings for as long as I could remember. They were always welcomed gifts for friends and family. In fact, I had never knit my own dishcloth until just a few years ago.
Easy Knit Washrag

The love of hand knit dishcloths is shared by all of the Knitwits staff. We call them "Spa Cloths", it makes them sound just a little more special. Some of us (Sheryl) even have special knitting needles for creating their spa cloths. When we started carrying Elmore-Pisgah Peaches & Creme, we also launched a Dishcloth Club called Peaches & Creme Sundays. We would choose patterns that taught different skills and techniques and we would gather around the round table in our wobbly chairs every other Sunday afternoon. It is through Dishcloth Club that many of our loyal Knitwits honed their knitting skills and made lifelong friends.

Peaches & Creme Sundays
Elmore-Pisgah WAS one of our favorite yarn vendors at Knitwits. Since 1920, they were the manufacturers and distributors of our beloved Peaches & Creme, the ultimate cotton dishcloth yarn. Their warehouse was located in Old Fort, North Carolina, just outside of Asheville and right down the road from Janet's parents. We liked chatting with Flo and the other good folks who answered our calls, we liked picking up the our orders ourselves and we loved buying yarn that was made in the USA! There was something really special about the timeless appeal of Elmore-Pisgah Peaches & Creme.

Last year, we called Flo to place a little order and a teary Flo answered and announced that they were closing their doors at the end of the week- a Canadian company called Spin Rite bought the Peaches & Creme name. It was a classic case of "If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em out." We were heartbroken and angry--and we vowed to never buy the Canadian version of the yarn that put Flo and our other Pisgah friend out of work! Our little order turned into a very large order and we hoarded the soon to be gone yarn!

We have been searching for a suitable Peaches & Creme replacement for almost a year. Nothing felt right. It was like trying to find a replacement for your favorite pair of jeans. We had a hard time finding a suitable dishcloth yarn substitute--too expensive, too much yardage, too unAmerican or wrong "put up" (we want "ready to knit" without winding.

Last week, the newest issue of Creative Knitting Magazine arrived. As usual, we tore open the box and started leafing through the magazine. Janet and I found the dishcloth patterns at the same time and we both said, "Hey, those are cute. Wonder what yarn they used." The answer: Sassy Skeins!

Since 1995, the two talented women of Sassy Skeins in Key West, Florida have produced the Key West Karibbean Kotton Kollection, 36 great shades of 100% mercerized high quality, colorfast cotton yarn. We gave the ladies of Sassy Skeins a call and we liked what they had to say. The Key West Kollection met all of our dishcloth yarn criteria and we ordered a handful of colors (the ones they used in the magazine, to be exact). A few days later, the yarn arrived and it exceeded all of our expectations!

I took 2 balls of lime on my last trip and I crocheted a little bobbled clutch. I really enjoyed crocheting with the yarn. It is a braided yarn with a lovely sheen and it is easier on the hands than our Peaches & Creme.
Love the Sassy Skeins Key West Kotton Kollection

We still have a limit supply of "the Original" Peaches & Creme skeins. It will be a sad day when our supply is depleted. I don't think we will ever be able to "replace" Flo and our beloved Peaches & Creme but we welcome the addition of Sassy Skeins and the Key West Kollection with great enthusiasm!

Here's my mom's Favorite Dishcloth Pattern:

Cast on 4 stitches.
Row 1 - Knit across.
Row 2 and all rows until you have 33 or 39 stitches on the needle) - Knit 2, yo, knit across.
Next row will begin decreasing.
Knit 1, knit 2tog, yo, knit 2tog, knit across - you will have 32 or 38 stitches
Repeat previous row until 4 stitches remain on needle.
Knit across.
Bind off.
Weave in ends.
Repeat 1,000,000 times.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Knitting in 1997 and Today

In 1997, I started flying and needed a hobby to fill my time as a reserve flight attendant. I bought some Peaches and Creme yarn, a pattern and some knitting needles at Michaels and knit a baby sweater with an intarsia kitten face on the front and a striped tail on the back. Call it beginners luck-it came out pretty darn cute. I followed the pattern for the most part. I ignored or made up stuff for the directions I didn't understand. I changed the pattern a little as I knit and added the tail pattern for the back. I guess I have always altered patterns to fit my whims. Knitting was a perfect fit for my new lifestyle!
Flight Attendant Graduation 1997

In 1997, there were far fewer Yarn Shops in the area. My choices were Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. But... they had yarn, patterns and supplies. Later that year, I went to visit my mom in Tuscan, Arizona with my Red Heart yarn in hand. I needed more yarn so she took me to a little yarn shop near her house...a real yarn shop! I was like a kid in a candy store and I made my first "Big Girl" yarn purchase--some Rowan Yarn and a "Always Arizona" pattern.
Always Arizona pattern by Sealed With A Kiss

Well, since then many things have changed--including my fashion choices!
My first visit to a LYS (Local Yarn Shop) transformed me from a person who knit as a hobby into a real knitter and yarn snob. The LYS had yarns of every fiber, color and gauge. They had patterns for things I didn't even know you could knit. And, the best part...personal interaction-they offered help, assistance and classes!

For the next few years, I visited as many LYSs as I could find. Interweave Knits used to publish an annual Yarn Shop Guide that was always in my suitcase. I looked up "Yarn" in the Yellow Pages of every hotel room I stayed in and called to find out how close they were. I ventured to Ohio--which if you've read the blog, know that I don't like to drive outside of the zip code. Each LYS had a personality-some good, some bad. I built up my yarn stash with yarn "souvenirs" from every place imaginable.

Jump to the present. Wow! Things have really changed for knitters. The internet and Ravelry have made yarns, patterns, designers and fellow knitters accessible with a few clicks of the keyboard. Now, Curious Georges like me can research just about anything without leaving the zip code. In addition, YouTube tutorials, knitting websites and blogs offer 24/7 answers to questions when your LYS is closed.

The computer isn't a substitute for the LYS experience of touching, feeling and even smelling the yarns, and interacting with other yarn obsessed friends, but it is a wonderful way fuse the old school handicraft of knitting with modern technology.

I hope we are able to deliver that "Kid in a Candy Store" experience when they come to Knitwits. I hope our website helps knitters find us and want to come visit. I hope our blog will entertain and get knitters to know us better. And, I hope our Ravelry group and Ravelry page are utilized by fellow Ravelers. If you can't come buy...log on!

Jill has scheduled a class at Knitwits called Unraveling Ravelry on Saturday, April 21st from 1:00-2:00.  This is our most popular class. Ravelry and Knitwits are THE knitting resources that I can't live without!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Packing for Prague

I'm leaving for my Prague/Vienna trip on April 20th and I have not a clue what to pack for my knitting entertainment. With everything else going on in my life and at the shop, this is what is consuming my thoughts!

I'm thinking socks are the way to go. They're small, they take a while, I owe Captain John a pair and I enjoy knitting them. But, a voice in the back of my head tells me that there is something far more exciting out there. What could it be?

I thought Color Affection in Alchemy Silken Straw might be the answer. I adore this shawl and know that it will be a tremendous amount of knitting but the end result would be worth it. I cast (casted?) on last week and started a test drive to see if it was road worthy. I'm thinking not. The yarn is rather splitty and requires very sharp needles, good lighting and each stitch (especially the M1s) requires concentration and needle dexterity. At the end of the project, I'm supposed to have 447 stitches on the needles. Yikes!  I'm thinking this is a project better left at home!
Color Affection
As usual, I log onto Ravelry for inspiration. I click on Patterns and look at "hot right now". Nothing looks familiar. Then, I realize I have "crochet" checked. I correct mistake and click on "top 20". I find two candidates, Quinn Sweater and Breezeway Cardigan both by designer Amy Gunderson from Knitscene Summer 2012. Drats! I don't have it yet.
Quinn Sweater
Breezeway Cardigan

I do a pattern search of the Color Affection designer, Veera Valimaki. Her designs are all stunning. I'm especially fond of Folded, a round neck pullover that is pleated at the front for more interesting shape. It’s stylish and cozy – all at the same time. The pullover is worked in one piece from bottom up.
 Is 800 yards of fingering weight yarn too bulky? Probably not. But, it's a heck of a lot of stockinette. Still in the running. I wonder if the Madelinetosh Steam Engine would work.

On a whim, I typed "Prague" into the pattern search. Stuff popped up, but nothing worthy of packing for Prague. Same with "Vienna". Back to the drawing board.

Next whim, check in on the YarnHarlot. I type her name into the people search and Voila! There she is. I looked at her queue, her favs and her projects. This woman knits LOTS of socks!  Just as I suspected, I've already knit many of her projects.

My queue now has 189 projects and 114 favorites. I have more UFOs than I can count. And...I still can't find a project to pack for Prague!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Return of the Knitwits Blog!

About a year ago, the Knitwits Blog went missing.
I don't know what happened but it became increasingly difficult to come up with blog-topics and make the time to sit down and crank out a post.

Some of you may have noticed that my portion of the Knitwits E-News has become quite wordy over the past few weeks. I try and try to edit it down, but there is so much more that I want to say.  It was a sign from the Blog Gods telling my that it was time to resuscitate the Knitwits Blog.

Knitwits Blog, I've missed you!!!