Tuesday, September 29, 2009


' y'all! I just pack my bag for another 4-day trip. My time off flew by! When I get back in town, we need to have someone slow down the clock-I'm not nearly ready to flip the calendar page to October. Although, we did manage to get the October staffing schedule done.

Two of my three days off were spent at Knitwits. Yesterday was spent with 2 hours of shop errands and a four hour lunch with Janet discussing the shop. I did managed to get some home repair done thanks to Not Steve. I came home from my last trip to discover a pool of water on my bathroom floor. Not Steve managed to disassemble the toilet (I didn't realize that they came apart), replace the innards and wax ring, remove rust, de-gunk the mystery crud and put it all back together (I watched). He also hung an Addison Mac light fixture in my kitchen and put a dimmer switch on my dining room chandelier. What a Guy-he lights up my life and does plumbing!

As I watch him bring in tools, gidgets and gadgets, I realized that his "stuff" was to him as my knitting stuff is to me. The big screwdriver and the little screwdriver were like #10.5 and #7 needles. Same tool, different use. Does that make Home Depot the LYS of "Not" Steve?

Speaking of the Steve's. They've been a little scarce around the shop. Hope you're all well and just too busy to pop-in. Maybe, they're hangin' in Home Depot!

My last blog entry triggered a few comments from the "Mean" Girls group. To clarify, they are not mean and they don't talk about others, they are our Cookie A. Sock knitters and they pride themselves on their high standards of yarn selection, pattern choice, needles, notions and craftsmanship. The "Mean" girls are actually just the opposite, they are loyal, loving and funnier than all get out!

See you on Saturday!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Weekend at Knitwits

It sure is nice being back in the 41017! After four days of flying, nothing beats your own bed, a washer and dryer, your familiar shower and full-size bottles of shampoo. There is no place like home!

This weekend, there was no place like Knitwits!
The Scarf It Up Brunch was a BIG success. I had to man the shop so I missed the fun, food, lively conversation and prizes. Everyone came into the shop after the event to give me the details-so I didn't miss out on the friendship. After the bustle of the Brunch crowd, the Everyway Wrap Crowd came in for the first KAL (Knit-A-Long) session. The next meeting may be BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair) as every seat in the house was taken. The star of the KAL was Laura's Jordana Paige Knitting Bag. We passed it around, ogled and awed, and picked styles and colors for our "Wish Lists". It holds an amazing amount of knitter's treasures, is well organized...and best of all...it looks like a fashionable purse! Gotta have one!

Today was a good day at the shop. It was Christmas Knitting day and with the cooler temperature outside, it really made me think about Winter. I hate that I don't enjoy the fall because I'm dreading winter so much! Our ball winder got a good workout today-lots of Malabrigo, kool-aid dyed yarn, and Misti Alpaca. The new fall yarns are going out as quickly as they came in-why do most of them need to be wound?

It's time to finish knitting those sweaters and socks. Sweater weather is here! Dust off the boots and don the handknit socks (or...sock in my case).

This week promises to be just as activity-filled as this past weekend with crochet classes, lunch at the Alpaca Farm on Thursday, Kid's Club, Sweater and Sock Club, and "Mean Girls Knitting" (that's what the Cookie A. Sock Knitters call themselves because they talk about you if you don't attend). There's something for everyone and the coffee is free!

Come Buy! The Fish has Landed!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jordana Paige

The other day, my mother called and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. She asked if I would like a Roomba, the thing that looks like a gigantic, out of control, yoyo that aimlessly vacuums your house while your away. I said I would think about it.

My mother must have something to worry herself sick about in order to be happy. She usually worries about her dog, Ruby, or my brother and his family. Ruby must be fine. Good. And my brother, his wife, and my two nephews must be over the H1N1 virus, that was last week's Hot Topic. For her to be worrying about Christmas, is a good sign that she needs to be making stuff up to worry about!!

A roomba may be a nice thing to have but I picture coming back from a four day trip and finding that my roomba has choked to death trying to digest yarn, dust balls and some of the unfinished knitting that lays around the floor like an obstacle course. Thanks mom, but I'll stick to Ole School and let the cleaning lady (me) use the upright vacuum cleaner.

What I really want for Christmas is a Jordana Paige Knitting Bag! Laura Fant has one and I drool and covet it everytime I see it. Jordana Paige Knitting Bags are stylish, functional, hip, to die for cute PURSES that just happen to have cool knitting features and plenty of room for projects. Check out the web site! (If you click the underlined Jordana Paige, it will take you there. But finish reading the blog first.) They retail for under $90, so they're cheaper and better looking than most of my purses! Perfect! I want the Black Onyx Rio Bag.

Here's the problem. I did some research on getting them for the shop. Their minimum order is pretty big, so we can't justify bringing a bunch in just so I can have a great Christmas present for my mom to get me. Here's the solution. If enough of us want a Jordana Paige Knitting Bag for Christmas, we can place an opening order that meets our minimum and have them in time for Holiday Knitting season. If we have enough special orders, we may be able to offer a Knitwits Super Introductory Special Order Pre-Pay Offer Discount! We all win--I get my bag, you get your bag and our bag gifters get a discount! If you're interested, let us know at the shop.

Please.... don't make me get a Roomba!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whew! Whoa! and Wow!

Whew! Escaped the Motherboard Meltdown with minor bumps and bruises and I'm now cruising right along on my new MacBook! The new MacBook allows you to run Windows so I can do everything I used to do on "Lappie" with the cooler, smoother, easier, faster Apple operating system. I'm really diggin' the new laptop that the staff has named "Mackie". With the important data retrieved from the brains of "Lappie", I just need to reconcile some accounts and we're back on track!

Whoa! With the cooler nights, I can really feel summer coming to a close. I will not let Fall pass me by! We're going to kick off Fall with the Scarf It Up Brunch on Saturday. The prizes are AMAZING-diamond necklaces, designer handbags, $100, good food, good friends, good cause! Please try to attend. For me, knitting is a year round sport. For many, Fall officially starts the knitting season. Most of the Fall yarns and projects are now in the shop and they are going quickly!

Please take a few minutes (or hours) to backup your important stuff on your computers (call Pandora Steve for advise) and have projects lined up and be ready should H1N1, Beechwood Stomach Flu, computer virus or some other funk hit. You'll be really glad you did.

Wow! Jill finished knitting her Malabrigo Everyday Wrap (all but putting on the buttons) and it is a work of Art. She was struck by the Beechwood Stomach flu yesterday and had to miss Sock Club last night. Elizabeth's Beaded Bracelet Class at Janet's house was a really nice event. With enough interest in doing it or something like it again, we'll set it up! Kool Aid Yarn dye-ing was really fun or all ages- in fact Aiden's (age 5) yarn might just be my favorite.

All of these shop activities and events are a great way to meet fellow yarnies and expand your yarnie worlds. The conversation is always enjoyable, the laughs are free and the end results are priceless.

I'm off on yet another 4-day trip and will return to the shop on Saturday. I'm taking Mackie, a suitcase full of paperwork, and those darn Christmas stockings. Let's hope I can get something done!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Aaaah haaah! The Conclusion

It's been a long ride but I'm going to try to wrap it all up in a tidy little summary for you.

We take our computers for granted. We assume that they'll do what we want, when we want them to. But when they don't, they become our own worst enemies. Our computers know everything about us - our social security numbers, our finances, our account numbers, our passwords, our music tastes, addresses and phone numbers of family and friends, our photo history and so much more. They are capable of so much more than I am even able to comprehend. Yet, when our trusted computer goes kaput, life still goes on- the shop still opens, the banks still bank, my friends are still my friends and pen and paper still exist!

Laura explained to me that for her husband, Chris, computers are his knitting. I guess that it is the same for Pandora Steve and "Not Steve", they get IT. I'll stick to knitting but I'll be much more diligent with computer maintenance and management.

Back up the important stuff, do it often and leave a paper trail just in case! Computers can be repaired or in my case, replaced.

What can't be replaced or repaid are the people who rallied around me during the Motherboard Meltdown. No purse-no problem, Janet to the rescue. No truck-Steve of Belinda and Steve to the rescue. No idea about what's wrong with Lappie-Laura, Aiden and Chris to the rescue. Not enough muscles-Steve and "Not Steve" to the rescue. No tools and no electrical know-how-Bill and Krista Lahner to the rescue. No food, no IT, no clue.....on and on...at every turn there were people offering an assisting hand. How am I so blessed?

A wise friend described Knitwits as a "Vortex", a place where people, places and things merge together. It is within the walls of Knitwits - the Vortex-that something magical happens. He says, "Magic is not to be explained or understood--it is just to be enjoyed."

This post is written from my new Mac book and it is a heartfelt thanks to all for getting me through a week of technical difficulty.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Technical Difficulty-Part III My Peeps to the Rescue

Sunday Night. With my computer off for advanced diagnostics, I waited anxiously be my iphone for some news from Chris, Laura's husband. No news is good news, right?

Without a computer, I had no access to my patterns, my on-line banking , Facebook, Knitwits record keeping, and my life as I knew it. Time seemed to crawl at a snails pace. No news from Chris so off to bed for some quality tossing and turning, teeth grinding and night sweats.

Monday Morning. "Not Steve" called and told me that he was putting his day on hold to take me for a picnic lunch and computer shopping (if needed). Janet called to let me know that she and Steve (of Belinda & Steve) were taking Steve's truck to Addison Mac to retrieve our stuff. She would call if they needed my muscles. Well, "the call" came a few minutes later--so off I went to meet them at the shop. Just as I was about to roll up my sleeves for some heavy lifting, "Not Steve" called and to say he was in the 41017 and driving down Buttermilk Pike. His timing couldn't have been more perfect! Two thugs and a truck-just what Janet and I had wished for!

In typical women's fashion, we had no idea where to put the new large furniture acquisitions-we just knew that we hoped that the new pieces would give Knitwits the grace, elegance and style that we had admired about Addison Mac. Somehow, redecorated happened fairly quickly and everything fell into place. Thanks for your patience and brawn Steve and Not Steve.

Janet went off to a mammogram (the fun never ends for her), Steve went off to do Steve stuff and "Not Steve" and I went our own way. Our first stop, coffee! Ordered coffee, decided to have lunch instead, returned coffee, went to Sweet Basil for lunch. I had never returned a cup of coffee before, but the barista was cool with it.

During lunch, news from Laura sprang up on my iphone. DOA- no chance of revival, no how, no way. Instead of mourning the loss of Lappie, I tried to get excited about a new computer. "Not Steve" is an Apple kind of guy. Comair Steve has been crabbing at me for years about getting an Apple. Janet and Sarah, Apple people! Did they all know something I needed to know? After lunch, it would be off to Ohio and the Apple Store.

The Apple Store for "Not Steve" is like a yarn shop for me, full of endless possibility, want and desire. Since I just don't get IT, he promised to do all of the talking and translate computer speak into non-IT talk. I promised to stay focused and not have my eyes glaze over when they spoke Megs, Ram, Intel, blah blah blah. Just tell me how much and where to sign!

Boom Done. My head hurt a little bit, but we left with a cute little computer box and a bag of discs and dats-"Not Steve" knew what all of it was and what it did. Yay!

The Wingate in Jacksonville doesn't have a 15 minute time limit like the Courtyard by Marriot in Kansas City, but the light switch is on a timer that goes off every 5 minutes. Can you say annoying!

I'll wrap up this little tale of woe and conquest when I get home tommorrow night! Stay tuned for the stunning conclusion.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not Kool!!!-Part II of Technical Difficulty

The non-responsive laptop computer situation had left me incredibly sad- inconsolable in fact. Even knitting did not bring me peace. (The pattern I needed for my most current knitting project (Heirloom Christmas Stockings) was saved on my computer and no where else!)

I arose early on Sunday morning and ran straight to the unresponsive laptop. I was hoping that it was "just a baaaaad dream", that Lappie would have magically repaired itself after a good night's rest. No such luck.

Sunday was Yarn Dyeing with Kool-Aid Day at Knitwits, and I knew it was going to be busy and hectic. I wouldn't have anytime to deal with my unresponsive laptop. This was Not Kool!

I talked to "Not Steve" and he recommended going to the Geek Squad to get a quick diagnosis. I also called Little/Pandora Steve on his day off. No answer. I pleaded for him to call me back as soon as possible. I thought about calling Comair /Mac Steve but I knew he would be at Church . Will call him later. I wanted to Google Best Buy to find out what time they open-can't Google-no computer! Not Kool!

I sat in the Best Buy parking lot for 20 minutes, waiting for the store to open. FYI, they open at 11:00 on Sundays. I was third in line for the Geek Squad. At 11:00 am on Sunday's, the only people in line for the Geek Squad are the truly desperate. The people further back in line would have paid good money for my place in line, but I too was very desperate! Come on Geeks-a little less chit chat with #1 and #2 in line and get to me!

Was it the power cord or was Lappie suffering from something far more serious. Please, please, please--just tell me that I needed a new power cord!

What???? The power cord works fine? How can that be? If it's not the power cord, is my ON button stuck? Oh???? Motherboard????It that important? Yes???
After that.....It was all a blurrr!!!

I went to the shop. I bought Kool Aid-lots of it. I held back the tears and told my tale of woe to anyone and everyone. Luckily, Laura and Aiden came in to dye yarn. Laura looked at me with compassion and a glint in her eye and asked, "Do you know what my husband does?"
"He is the Computer Whisperer, he makes dead and sick computers well."

We wrapped Lappie in his power cord and sent him home with Laura and Aiden.

Stay tuned for Part III.
My fifteen minutes is up again.

Technical Difficulty-Part I of III

Where do I even start? Since the last blog entry on Saturday morning soooooo much has happened!

I hit the ground running as planned but I opened the shop and RAN over to Addison Mac for the Big 70% off plus sale. Everything was for sale!--the display pieces, the cash desks, the lighting fixtures, my favorite underpants and Spanx, clothing, jewelry and teacups. What a day to forget my purse!

The Knitwits was unusually busy, but Janet promised to come to my rescue with money and a vehicle as soon as the crowd thinned out. When she did finally arrive, we decided to pick up a few more things for Knitwits and personal use. We would now need a truck and a few thug-type guys with electrical knowledge, tools and a ladder.

Back to work and the energy level kicked up a notch or two because we had lost 2-3 hours of valuable time shopping for things we didn't know we needed. Steve of "Belinda and Steve", stopped in just in the nick of time with Pee Wee Burgers, Onion Rings and Potato Skins. He was overdressed for "Thuggery", so he went home to change.

In the meantime, Krista and her husband, Bill, stopped in as if a gift from above. We told them of the shopping trip and our need for "Two Thugs and a Truck". Bill offered to go to Addison Mac and look at what tools would do needed to disassemble our new lighting fixtures.

An hour later, they return with our lighting fixtures in hand. Krista and Bill are the young, hip members of the "Knitwits Family". Love Them.

Around 4:00, Steve of "Belinda and Steve" returned dressed as a thug and holding hot fudge sundaes. It is truly amazing how that man can sense our hunger levels and cravings. It amazing that in the 41017 you can shop, buy, and dine well without a purse.

Somehow between shopping and eating, we had managed to ring up quite a few sales at Knitwits during the day. When Janet and I pressed the "End of Day" button on the cash register, our jaws dropped when the day's take tallied up and then we pretended that we knew exactly what had transpired during the day.

Since nothing on my action plan was accomplished during the day, I went home with the portable office and plans to bang out a crazy amount of work that evening. Got home, went to turn on Laptop computer and ........NOTHING. No blinky light, no whrrrrrrr, no nothing.

May Day! Control+Alt+Del! Something! Nothing! How can this be? I need to bang out a crazy amount of work and I need to put in my October Bid, check e-mail, blog, pay bills, Facebook! Control+Alt+Del! Nothing! No lights-anywhere, anyhow. My life as I knew it was over!

End Par I
Fifteen minute time limit on Marriott Courtyard Public Computer.
Stay Tuned!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hit the Ground Running

I'm back from my last trip and ready to hit the ground running. Well, sort of. I did take most of yesterday as a day off. I finished flying fairly early yesterday and planned to head to the shop but I selfishly spent the rest of the day just enjoying the day with non-shop related activities. (Thanks "Not Steve".)

Lots happened while I was away, and there is plenty of activity planned for the shop this week.

My telephone updates and text messages keep me posted of most of the stuff I miss, but the inbox and the POS system are the true measures of the shop's activities while I'm away. I'm anxious to see the new Madelinetosh sock yarn and other goodies that arrived in my absence and I'm bracing myself to tackle the inbox, emails, phone messages, invoices, to-do pile and miscellaneous notes that will need to be deciphered and dealt with.

My plan is the go to the shop a little early, make coffee and clear off some desk space. From there, the day is unclear and the course of activity unknown. I see coffee (lots), a trip to the scary basement, and coddling of Tosh Sock somewhere in my day. I also see a whirlwind of activity in preparing for tomorrow's sock dyeing event. How can we misplace the squirt bottles every time we use them?

After a much needed day off, I'm ready for a few days of Knitwitting! I'm mentally prepared for what ever comes our way and I'm looking forward to catching up with Janet, the Gang, the Steves and Belinda and everyone else that ventures into the shop.

Come buy!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini Panick Attack!

This summer is one big blur. Where did it go? How did we get to September-my Daytimer (my personal organization system of choice) is still bookmarked on May.

My last lucid memories date back to the Spring. I remember this Spring pretty clearly with the setting up of the POS System, the double ringing at the cash register, adding Peaches & Cream to the yarn line up, Sheryl having a normal looking finger and adopting my Godcat, Grace and the birth of this Blog!

Mini Panick Attack! How did it get to be SEPTEMBER? What happened? I never even made it to the pool- it opened and closed before I even got bikini ready.

My Friends, the answer to the question of "Where did my summer go?" is this.... "Enhanced Passenger Service Guidelines." My summer has been ruined by "Enhanced Passenger Service Guidelines." It is almost like the powers that be at Comair got "The Look!" Everytime I reported to work, I would find out that someone had moved everything in our galley, changed all of the snack and drink options, turned us into vending machines and wanted us to do so much more with so much less.

Even with the "Enhanced Passenger Service Guidelines", I think the passengers still know that they are flying on Comair Regional Jets. The First Class meals and stemware aren't fooling them into thinking that Delta, Northwest and all of the Delta/Northwest Connection carriers are now operating as one seamless company.

The snack options now stocked on board include: peanuts, mini pretzels, Biscoff cookies, pretzel chips or Sunchips, apples, bananas, twix bars, Pringles Potato Chips, Peanut M&Ms, Planters Trail Mix, Snack Box with Healthy Snack and deck of cards, Snack Box with Un-Healthy Snack and on random flights on the CRJ900 Full Meals complete with china, silverware and stemware. With all of this extra stuff in our galley, I have no place to store my knitting bag! I have no time to knit and more importantly, my head is spinning and I don't have the mental energy to knit!

This week is bidding week, when you enter your next month's schedule requests. I think I'm going to go "Ole School" and bid for the 50-seat trips, with no JFK, ORD, EWR and PHL and NO "Enhanced Passenger Service Guidelines."

I need to spend as much time as possible in the 41017, and in the calm, relaxing, stress-free Eden called Knitwits!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

I'm not sure I get the true meaning of Labor Day except that it gives us a good reason to close the shop for an extra day. The "extra day" for me really meant more work because I got "The Look" and felt the need to totally revamp Knitwits.

Today (Labor Day), I am going to work at home on Knitwits paperwork, bookkeeping, ordering and other tedious, time consuming activities. But, I don't view this as "labor"-I do this because I want to do this. This is the stuff that makes Knitwits maintain our well-oiled machine efficiency (don't laugh). Knitwits and knitting are Labours of Love. We don't HAVE to do it, we WANT to do it!

According to the Department of Labor, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

So today, raise your knitting needles, enjoy the company of family and friends, eat way too much, and rejoice in a Monday away from the office!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Change is in the Air!

Fall is my favorite time of the year-sweater weather, Cuddl Duds and layers of knitted goods from head to toe. With the thoughts of fall dressing just around the corner, I've made my must knit list of projects to add to my cue. Most of the inspiration comes from Rowan Magazine Number 46. The magazine and the Rowan yarns arrived yesterday and today we put them front and center in the store.

With each new arrival, we have to make room on the shelves--it's a lot like playing chess with someone who doesn't know how to play. The staff cringes when I get that look in my eyes that says, "Move or get moved." It begins with clearing off one shelf and quickly turns into a massive mission of destruction, disruption and rearranging. The goal in rearranging the shop is to leave nothing in its original place. I can't ask for assistance because I have no idea or plan for what is about to transpire. It just happens. Here's how it generally goes:

Step one. Get "The Look", the look that says big changes are about to happen. The staff and most customers know that this means stay clear of Junko. I tried to suppress "The Look" until Sunday when the shop is closed for 2 days for Labor Day, but I couldn't help myself.

Step Two. Remove anything and everything that can be removed. Place all clutter in office even though there is not space in office for one more thing.

Step Three. Move largest fixture to furthest point in room. Why is this always part of the plan? Where does a 5' 100 lb. female in high heels find the strength and dexterity to do this with little or no assistance?

Step Four. Go to garage to find a cutie pie fixture or display piece. Take phone in the event of something baaaaaaad down there and a buddy for support. Return empty handed and glad to be alive.
Step Five. Wash and sanitize all exposed skin.

Step Six. Create challenging obstacle course from entryway to office, back through front room and finish in classroom. Be sure to block access to bathroom and cash register.

Step Seven. Snack. All of this activity makes a girl hungry.

Step Eight. Stack as many books, magazines and balls of yarn on tables as possible. This is necessary to make insure that no one else can get anything done either.

Step Nine. Get too tired and too cranky to think. Pray that a "Steve" will show up.
Step Ten. Quitting time. Close up shop and hope that magic fairies (or a Steve) will appear and clean up mess!

Well, I have two days to get the shop back in working order or at least in some semblance of order. Miracles do happen and I've seen them happen at Knitwits!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Proper Fit

Okay, those of you who know me at all know that I'm far too impatient to knit a gauge swatch. I so admire Sue for her diligence, patience and disciplined knitting technique, but it just isn't me. I watched Sue knit swatch after swatch for her Silky Wool Summer Cardigan. She swatched gauge, color ways, more colorways, different needle sizes..on and on.. I could have had the sweater half-way knitted, started five other projects, and dreamed of ten more projects to add to the cue by the time she finished swatching.

But, Sue's labour of love created the most stunning, "To Die For" Silky Wool Cardigan with perfect fit! I have four knitting bags full of unfinished objects.

Jill has championed the Everyday Wrap Knit-a-Long with great gusto. The response is somewhat overwhelming. Her wrap is being knit in a jewel-tone blue Malabrigo on a size #8 needle and she has almost a foot of loveliness completed. Elizabeth is also knitting her wrap with Malabrigo but she is using a size 10-1/2 needle. Same yarn, same pattern but different hands.

The point of all of this is that patterns, planning (or lack of planning), gauge, swatching (or lack of swatching), and needle size do matter but it is the desire to knit something badly enough that you make it work and fit the way you want it to. The pattern is just a blue print to be used as a guide. You make it your own by choosing the yarn, the needles and altering the pattern along the way. (Sue is probably cringing.)
It may take a few attempts and a bit of patience to get it right but Knitwits is there to help and encourage you along the way!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Too Much On My Plate!

Okay Janice and "Not Steve", you guys may have won the last few rounds of Food Wars but I have a restaurant in Des Moines named after me! So there, top that!

Today, Janet and I were working in the office and we became overwhelmed by everything we had going on. I put my head down on the desk and Janet said "I Quit" and threw her hands up in the air in defeat.
Then we laughed,...regained our composure and we made lists of everything we had going on.

Here's my list:
  1. Flight Attendant
  2. Do Knitwits Stuff
  3. Write Knitwits Book
  4. Wine Rep. for Engine House #24
  5. Launch Big $ Idea-So Super Secret I haven't even told Janet about this
  6. Design New Web Site
  7. Get a Life
  8. Schedule Implant Surgery
  9. Call Mom
  10. Knit 3 Christmas Stockings for customer

How will I get all of this done? Have I bit off a little too much?

Good thing we have "Our People". Being such busy executives, we need our people and we have surrounded ourselves with a top notch staff and a great bunch of caring, capable, and giving Steves.

Maintenance Steve delivered lunch just in the nick of time. The Pee Wee Burgers and onion rings saved us from starvation and were a welcomed relief from a diet of pretzels and animal crackers. After the lunch drop, he then went over to my condo and shampooed my carpets. He is the Best! Eating and carpet cleaning weren't even on my action plan. Little Steve/Pandora Steve saved my day by fixing some computer glitches that had been tripping me up in my Knitwits duties and he's helping us design our much needed new web site. Check and check-things now moving forward. Towards the end of the work day, Comair Steve and his family showed up for a visit. He added a number of friends to my Facebook account and downloaded all of the critical updates on my computer. Again, not on the action plan but greatly appreciated! "Not Steve" had left some Newton Claret Red Wine for 5:00 refreshment. It paired well with our Hot Fudge Sundaes and we considered this research for our new career as wine reps for Engine House #24 Winery. We have Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana as our territory. "Not Steve" is also assisting me with my Super Secret Million Dollar Money Making Project.

Items #7-10, I'll just have to deal with on my own! Would it be wrong to have a "Steve" call my mother?

Without the support of all of you loyal blog followers and our many Steve's, we couldn't and wouldn't do it all. You make us better Knitwits and you help me "Get a Life!"