Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Whew! Whoa! and Wow!

Whew! Escaped the Motherboard Meltdown with minor bumps and bruises and I'm now cruising right along on my new MacBook! The new MacBook allows you to run Windows so I can do everything I used to do on "Lappie" with the cooler, smoother, easier, faster Apple operating system. I'm really diggin' the new laptop that the staff has named "Mackie". With the important data retrieved from the brains of "Lappie", I just need to reconcile some accounts and we're back on track!

Whoa! With the cooler nights, I can really feel summer coming to a close. I will not let Fall pass me by! We're going to kick off Fall with the Scarf It Up Brunch on Saturday. The prizes are AMAZING-diamond necklaces, designer handbags, $100, good food, good friends, good cause! Please try to attend. For me, knitting is a year round sport. For many, Fall officially starts the knitting season. Most of the Fall yarns and projects are now in the shop and they are going quickly!

Please take a few minutes (or hours) to backup your important stuff on your computers (call Pandora Steve for advise) and have projects lined up and be ready should H1N1, Beechwood Stomach Flu, computer virus or some other funk hit. You'll be really glad you did.

Wow! Jill finished knitting her Malabrigo Everyday Wrap (all but putting on the buttons) and it is a work of Art. She was struck by the Beechwood Stomach flu yesterday and had to miss Sock Club last night. Elizabeth's Beaded Bracelet Class at Janet's house was a really nice event. With enough interest in doing it or something like it again, we'll set it up! Kool Aid Yarn dye-ing was really fun or all ages- in fact Aiden's (age 5) yarn might just be my favorite.

All of these shop activities and events are a great way to meet fellow yarnies and expand your yarnie worlds. The conversation is always enjoyable, the laughs are free and the end results are priceless.

I'm off on yet another 4-day trip and will return to the shop on Saturday. I'm taking Mackie, a suitcase full of paperwork, and those darn Christmas stockings. Let's hope I can get something done!

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