Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hit the Ground Running

I'm back from my last trip and ready to hit the ground running. Well, sort of. I did take most of yesterday as a day off. I finished flying fairly early yesterday and planned to head to the shop but I selfishly spent the rest of the day just enjoying the day with non-shop related activities. (Thanks "Not Steve".)

Lots happened while I was away, and there is plenty of activity planned for the shop this week.

My telephone updates and text messages keep me posted of most of the stuff I miss, but the inbox and the POS system are the true measures of the shop's activities while I'm away. I'm anxious to see the new Madelinetosh sock yarn and other goodies that arrived in my absence and I'm bracing myself to tackle the inbox, emails, phone messages, invoices, to-do pile and miscellaneous notes that will need to be deciphered and dealt with.

My plan is the go to the shop a little early, make coffee and clear off some desk space. From there, the day is unclear and the course of activity unknown. I see coffee (lots), a trip to the scary basement, and coddling of Tosh Sock somewhere in my day. I also see a whirlwind of activity in preparing for tomorrow's sock dyeing event. How can we misplace the squirt bottles every time we use them?

After a much needed day off, I'm ready for a few days of Knitwitting! I'm mentally prepared for what ever comes our way and I'm looking forward to catching up with Janet, the Gang, the Steves and Belinda and everyone else that ventures into the shop.

Come buy!

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