Saturday, September 5, 2009

Change is in the Air!

Fall is my favorite time of the year-sweater weather, Cuddl Duds and layers of knitted goods from head to toe. With the thoughts of fall dressing just around the corner, I've made my must knit list of projects to add to my cue. Most of the inspiration comes from Rowan Magazine Number 46. The magazine and the Rowan yarns arrived yesterday and today we put them front and center in the store.

With each new arrival, we have to make room on the shelves--it's a lot like playing chess with someone who doesn't know how to play. The staff cringes when I get that look in my eyes that says, "Move or get moved." It begins with clearing off one shelf and quickly turns into a massive mission of destruction, disruption and rearranging. The goal in rearranging the shop is to leave nothing in its original place. I can't ask for assistance because I have no idea or plan for what is about to transpire. It just happens. Here's how it generally goes:

Step one. Get "The Look", the look that says big changes are about to happen. The staff and most customers know that this means stay clear of Junko. I tried to suppress "The Look" until Sunday when the shop is closed for 2 days for Labor Day, but I couldn't help myself.

Step Two. Remove anything and everything that can be removed. Place all clutter in office even though there is not space in office for one more thing.

Step Three. Move largest fixture to furthest point in room. Why is this always part of the plan? Where does a 5' 100 lb. female in high heels find the strength and dexterity to do this with little or no assistance?

Step Four. Go to garage to find a cutie pie fixture or display piece. Take phone in the event of something baaaaaaad down there and a buddy for support. Return empty handed and glad to be alive.
Step Five. Wash and sanitize all exposed skin.

Step Six. Create challenging obstacle course from entryway to office, back through front room and finish in classroom. Be sure to block access to bathroom and cash register.

Step Seven. Snack. All of this activity makes a girl hungry.

Step Eight. Stack as many books, magazines and balls of yarn on tables as possible. This is necessary to make insure that no one else can get anything done either.

Step Nine. Get too tired and too cranky to think. Pray that a "Steve" will show up.
Step Ten. Quitting time. Close up shop and hope that magic fairies (or a Steve) will appear and clean up mess!

Well, I have two days to get the shop back in working order or at least in some semblance of order. Miracles do happen and I've seen them happen at Knitwits!


  1. You clean like I do...move everything and stack everything untill I am too tired to move, move stacks from bed, nap for a couple of hours, get up and finish.
    Then be really grouchy for a week, due to too much sugar and lack of sleep.

  2. Darlene, That makes me feel so much better!