Saturday, May 30, 2009

Modern Technology-Part II

Okay--My idea of modern technology is the cell phone, computer, microwave oven and tv remote. I have an iphone, but I don't know how to use it. I can't find the tv remote and the computer is pretty much for e-mail, blogging and Knitwits bookkeeping. I use about 10% (wishful thinking) of my available technology.

Yesterday, the computer in the office got somthing bad-a virus, swine flu, an infection-whatever it was, it was bad. As luck would have it, PANDORA, a computer solutions place opened up right next door to the shop and the young man who runs it knows Sue. Click, click, click, control+alt+delete, click, click, click-Voila-Fixed. This guy knows technology! He spends the next hour or so downloading updates from the year 2000 to 2009-we missed a few updates. Now the computer in the office purrs like a kitten at lightening speed.

If your computer has a hiccup or two, Steve at Pandora is your man. Why is it that any man that has ever step foot in Knitwits has been named Steve? This is "Young Steve"-as opposed to "Old Steve", or "Big Steve".

The moral of this blog:
Technology keeps moving forward, it will leave you behing if you don't keep up...Your Knitting won't go anywhere without you!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Living the Dream

I welcome me back to the 41017-three hours late! Good to be back and in comfy clothes.

A shout out for my Best Girl, Janet! You deserve to be blue on your anniversary-but you must cherish the twenty-five years you shared with George. You are loved! I'm looking forward to a Knitwits weekend and working with you.

We are entering our Fall buying mode and we'll be looking at the Fall/Winter yarns and patterns over the next few weeks. I prefer the winter yarns -so I'm really excited to see what our reps have to show us. I'm hoping to get all of my Christmas knitting done early this year.

If you have projects in mind, let us know so we can try to match up the perfect yarns and patterns. I'm picturing a Perfect Weekend Pullover with intricate cables in a lushous heathered wool. Would matching mittens, hat and scarf be too much? Who am I kidding-I'll be lucky to finish the pullover.

Keep dreaming! and Keep Knitting!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Modern Technology

I finally found a computer that works! Yeah-the world at my fingertips!

The hotel in LGA (LaGuardia) charges for computer time, the hotel in RDU (Raleigh/Durham) has such strict parental controls on it that I couldn't access our Blog, and so finally in CHS (Charleston, SC)---a working computer!

Sorry about the last post. My iphone and my poor eyesight made it impossible to blog more than just a headline. Now, I'm just too sad to write about Baby Austin.

It has been a very strange trip for me. I was hoping to be holding the winning Powerball ticket which would have enabled me to return to my zipcode a little sooner (and a whole lot more). But, no such luck-I had one number right. I best I could do was have four of my flights cancel. I am the flight attendant who never flies. (More knitting time.) Back in the 41017 tomorrow night.

Speaking of knitting, I have my Yukon Sock, my mystery baby blanket and a new project with me. I broke two double point needles, lost my pattern and can no long work on my Yukon sock. I have another strip and 1-1/2 squares of yet another strip completed on the mystery baby blanket. Its all garter stitch and boring to knit. And then there is the new project. Jill is partially to blame for this one--a Kureyon Log Cabin Square Wall Hanging. I have four squares done-and a whole bunch more to go.

Jill is also responsible for me not getting more of my knitting completed and for my being sleep deprieved. She loaned me her book clubs' last selection, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I have enjoyed it too much and have stayed up too late reading it.
Let us know if there is a movie or book that you've enjoyed!
PS: Bottle Shock is a enjoyable DVD, pass on Rachel Getting Married (unless you like dark, and disturbing), Slumdog Millionaire gets better every time I watch it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keep the Faith

I just returned from the shop after being away for a few days. It's always refreshing to be able to catch up with everyone and get my feet back on the ground. As expected, it was a fairly slow day at the shop. What I didn't expect was the e-mails and phone calls concerning my friend Marci and her Baby Austin. They have become store mascots of a sort, we root for them and hope for words of improvement.

Marci has been unable to get an MRI done because of the constant movement from the seizures. They are unable to determine the cause of these seizures and feel that there is little they can do from a medical stance-time will tell what her condition will do. I am updated through Facebook and I will post the link for Facebookers to follow.

Baby Austin has had difficulty breathing on his own and may need to be on oxygen support for the next year. He has also suffered from "brain bleed" which has been explained as a not uncommon condition of premies that can self-repair. Let's continue praying and Keep the Faith!

Your Knitwits family and friends wish you all a safe and stress-free long weekend of leisure, yardwork, visiting and of course, knitting.


Friday, May 22, 2009

A Closely Knit Group

I'm still flying around but I should be back in the zipcode this evening. I'm anxious to get home for many reasons but mostly because I'm running low on yarn.

Last week, I was talking to Karen P. and she mentions that her husband is a pilot at Comair. So, lo and behold, who do I have the pleasure of flying with this week-Captain Graham P. There has been a knitter on just about every leg of my trip-lovely passengers have been working sweet baby sweaters, lacy socks, and gorgeous scarves. They ask me what I'm working and I say with a little hesitation, "a the teddy bear who has had an unfortunate run in with a bee." Mine looks even more bizarre because I have run out of brown with two arms and an ear to go.

The main point I'm trying to make is this. Outside of your favorite local shop, Knitters are everwhere. Sometimes they are disguised as normal folk, but give them a few minutes of idle time and they emerge. Even if you don't share the same taste in projects or yarns, the fact that we share the art and love of knitting binds us together into a closely knit community.

PS. For our loyal KnitwitsBlog Followers and readers, we have an extra bonus. If the mention the "super secret blogword" on Saturday, we will give you an extra 10% off on our "Wall of Wool" Special.

Please take advantage of the "Wall of Wool" sale. We have plans for a Christmas in July Promotion that include Custom-Heirloom Fairisle Christmas Stockings in Cascade 220, The Twelve Gifts of Christmas that features several felting projects and many other workhorse wool ideas!

The Super Secret Blogword is: FORGET-ME-NOT. So, don't forget it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Dont Like Holiday's

I know it sounds downer, but the anticipation of holiday's always makes me feel uneasy. I don't mean just Christmas or New Year's, (although they are the heavy hitters), I include all. I'm thinking Mother's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day... These particular days surround themselves with the expectation of a time set apart for fun and relaxation that never seems to quite cut it. Especially this season of change and all things new with George's absence. He leaves such an empty hole in all places for me. Widowhood is that black hole no one wants and once trapped inside, life becomes a different color. Enough cheeriness. I am off to North Carolina for the weekend. I will bring my new knitting project I started last night with a bit of guilt thinking of all the unfinished projects crying out for attention. Oh well, I need something new. That is the beauty of knitting. There is always the choice of starting a fresh project and a new beginning full of promise! I need some new color. Have a good weekend all! Janet

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OOOOps! I did it again!

I did it again---I started another random project for no reason except the thrill of starting something new. I was cruising on my sock, making progress on my Mystery Baby Blanket and then...I saw a cute thing that I had to make. I told myself to put it in the cue but then I found the pattern and boom--it began. More later... I'm running late.

Marci update:
Marci was moved from St. Lukes West to UC. She is right across the way from Baby Austin and has a wonderful tem working of doctors working with her. They have put her back in a drug induced coma to investigate the cause of the seizures. She is in good hands but continues to need lots of prayer support.

See you all soon. I'm off to the airport for a four day trip. Updates from the road and remember the shop will be closed on Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness-Part II

A recurring theme of this blog is random acts of kindness. It is because kindness abounds within the walls of the Knitwits. Today, a shopping bag of premie clothes and hats of every bright and cheery color arrived. Our Misch Family messenger delivered the goods to Marci at the hospital and sent word that the family is thrilled and touched by our offerings and well wishes. I am overwelmed by the caring and generosity shown for my friend. Thank You!

Marci is still resposive but experiencing ongoing seizures. The medication to control the seizures has sedated her much more than yesterday, but the family remains hopeful. Baby Austin is in Children's Hospital and holding his own.

We often say "We're not called Knitwits for Nothing!" because we don't often do things in the most orthodox way. I believe that it is because Knitwits is about something much bigger than just a yarn shop, Knitwits is about caring hands and hearts and creative ways to warm the hearts of others.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Perhaps miracles do happen! The reports on Marci Misch are all positive. She is breathing on her own and I understand that she is now responsive. She has a long way to go but she is moving forward and fighting hard. If you know Marci, then you know that she loves a good fight.

Thank you all for the prayers and support. We have some hats at the shop and I've seen some works in progress for Baby Austin. The premie patterns are circulating around. I just finished a Heaven blanket and I no longer feel helpless. There is much comfort in knitting for a cause. Thank you all for knitting from your hearts!

The premie hats and booties are soooo tiny. Its hard to believe that a precious baby will wear them. Baby Austin will certainly know that he is loved and cared for and that these items were knitted with loving hands.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in the 41017

I'm back in the comfort of my own zipcode! I return with an almost finished (single-of course) sock made out of Yukon and a concerned heart. The latest update for Marci is not good but i'm hoping for a miracle. Thank you all for your messages and knitted creations. They are greatly appreciated and comforting. I'm sure the Misch family will find them to be the same.

While I usually have lots of petty things to complain about, I am going to use that energy to think positively and dwell on my fortunes. I have my health, the bout of the flu or cold is gone, my jobs, my family and I have my Knitwits family and friends.

PS- there are some premie patterns available on the web. Karen Bader got some from http://thepreemieproject.com/volunteer/patterns and http://debbiespreemiepatterns.wordpress.com/2008/11/25/seamless-booties/

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prayers for Marci Misch and her family

A fellow flight attendant suffered an apparent heart attack on Tuesday and needs all of our prayers. She was 7 months pregnant. They delivered baby Austin, who weighed 2 lbs 13 oz. and is holding his own now. Marci, however, remains in a coma.

Premie babies need tiny hats, booties, mittens and love. Perhaps we can help the Misch family with all of these items by praying, putting are needles to work and using up our stash yarn.

I don't often ask for things, but I am asking for help today.
I'll keep you posted....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Knitting: Good Company

Have you ever thought of your knitting as social company? There is something comforting about a lovely basket of yarn sitting by your chair waiting for the day to wind down with a glass of wine poured (in stemware, of course) at the ready, for a bit of knitting time. I have come to relish these times, especially since the passing of my husband George. When he was alive, my home was always filled with the presence of another, and I never noticed how loud the sound of quiet can be. I do now. It lies heavy in my ear and I so appreciate that bit of knitting that waits for my touch and attention.
I am having such an evening tonight. Home late, scrambled eggs for dinner, and of course already in my PJ's. The stemware is full of my favorite red and I am trying so hard to finish my Mission Falls cotton baby blanket. Easy knitting, strips of stockinette color blocks, a project that takes no attention and should have been finished weeks ago is at my side waiting for a finish. I am getting close and I know the girls at the shop will be so happy to have me actually complete a sample!
On my second glass, not too far on the knitting tonight. Sarah just got home and I made her the egg dish I made up for myself tonight. Give this a try. Scramble a couple of eggs and add some chopped fresh basil from the new plant you just bought and haven't planted yet. Wow. Add a bit of cheese that melts and you've got yourself a tasty dinner.
I'm watching the show, American Idol and need to get a couple of rows knitted. Hope your quiet moments are filled with the sound of knitting tonight.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

My weekend ends tonight. Tomorrow, I head out on a four day trip. The preparations begin the night before with laundry, bill paying, cleaning and packing. The packing causes me the greatest grief-what yarn, needles and patterns do I want to take? There are some things that you just can't taking-intarsia is too much of a tangled mess, lace or detailed chart reading-too hard to put down mid-row when the flight attendant call button rings. That leaves me with my Yukon socks or the Mystery baby blanket.

This weekend was a little slow sales wise, but very productive for planning, catching up on paperwork and reorganizing the shop. The new bookcase is up and stocked. Love It! But, you move one thing and the next thing you know, your moving the whole store around. Thanks to Sue and her diligence, we reshelved, rearranged and decluttered.

The Sunday Gang kept me company and visits from Sue and Sheryl really lifted my spirits. I wasn't feeling great, missed Janet and had a case of the guilts for not being with my mother. Sue shared poppies from her garden, we called them "mommies" for Mother's Day. Nancy Booth brought the yummiest Truffles. Sheryl and her husband introduced me to my new Godcat. That's right, I'm the godmother to her new grey kitten (yet to be named).

Nancy Booth's Noro Furisode Vest is turning out to be a showstopper. Who knew you could knit lace with chunky yarn? Speaking of lace-we think it will be the next big thing. Look forward to a Lace-A-Long in the near future.

Random acts of kindness abound at Knitwits and I experienced so many such gestures this week. Thank you all!

What's on Your Needles?

Gosh-I just love starting new projects. My completion factor is not in sync with the number of things started. Aaaargh! Anyway, here's what I have on the needles:

  1. Interweave Knits Spr/Summer Sprout T-shirt-finished sleeve last night. Just need to seam and block. Knit up really fast and was fun to do.
  2. Mystery Baby Blanket in Debbie Bliss Eco. I love this project, but I don't know why I'm knitting it so I keep it on the back burner.
  3. Customer Special Order Christmas Stockings-3 family heirloom stockings. Made two last year. Have one 90% finished. Can't seem to get in the Christmas spirit.
  4. Yukon-Cookie A. Socks-jumped on the Cookie A. Challenge and started a pair of socks. Yukon is the new yarn from Pagewood Farms. Same as Denali but with bamboo.

Why can't I stick with one thing instead of jumping around? KADD? (Knitting Attention Deficet Disorder). Too much yarn and good intentions and not enough time?

Let us know what's on your needles and maybe together we can encourage each other to completion (and another new project)!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Moms are wondeful things. I am really lucky-I got a great one. She can do everything well from cooking, cleaning, sewing knitting and even crochet. Well, maybe not everything--she can't ride a bike or swim. I could never love my mom any less even though she can do soooo many things that drive me crazy. The experts say this is normal.

When I was little, She made sure that I always had things to keep me busy. I colored and drew obessively, I played with dolls that had lovely mom-made dresses and even tried my hand at knitting. I made tons of drop stitch scarves and maybe a pair of mittens or two. (back then, it seems like a ball of yarn never ran out.) I remember my mom knitting my dad a wine colored cardigan. We would take her ball of yarn and string it all over the house making a crazy spiderweb--she never seemed to mind, she just kept knitting away. The cardigan was a success, my dad wore it proudly and often.

While I was on reserve when I first became a flight attendant, I retaught myself how to knit. A book from the library and some cheap yarn from Michaels and I was on my way. My life really changed one day on my way to the gym. As a neared Better Bodies, I saw IT! IT was a sign that said YARN. I slammed on the brakes, parked, a ran into a shop called Knitwits. I never made it to the gym that day and many times after that. There's something very special about knitting, talking about knitting, and planning the next project in the company of other knitters.

I feel so greatful to have a mom and a local yarn shop that I love so much. When I can't be with my mom, the friendships of Knitwits fills any voids. It truly is a place "Where Friends are Made."

While I can't be with my mom this Mother's Day, it feels right to be at Knitwits. Come keep me company. Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Day, Another Project

Why is it that we get so excited to start something and the finish line never seems to show up? I know I have projects that are years in the making and it pains me to look at the pile of lovely yarn just as I left it. Each work is like an old friend, I can remember our first meeting and the time spent together, wanting so badly, for this project to work out.

What mysteries do you have left undone? Don't you just envy the people who won't start something new until they complete their currrent project! Here at the shop we run into those rare knitters every once in a while and I vow to try and be more accomplished. But then a new box of beautiful yarn shows up, like Christmas morning and I get my creative juices flowing and I can't help myself, I start something new!

What are your suggestions? (By the way, has anyone seen the unfinished sleeves to my sweater, I've lost them-again!)

Happy Mothers Day to all. I'm off to Montreat NC to visit my Mom and Dad. The shop will be open all weekend so come keep Junko company.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday at the shop is Funday

Today was yet another Funday at the shop.

It was a slow morning with Janet manning the shop by herself. By lunchtime, Junko and Sheryl joined in. Then, Gerry Lockhart stopped in with two new creations-a lovely lace shawl and an extra special clapotis. She crocheted a lacey edge on both ends of her clapotis and it really finished it off. She'll show both projects off at the Clapotis Show-Off Day on May 16th. She's also agreed to do a little "Lace-A-Long" for those of you who want to try your hand at lace knitting.

Our Guy Knitter, Greg, stopped by for some yarn and inspiration. Yarn-check! Inspiration-check! He left with both and some fun ideas for projects.

Things really started cooking when the kids showed up for Kids Club. They are amazing! There were two new girls and they jumped right in and started knitting. By the end of Kids Club, they both had headbands to wear out of the shop!

As the kids were herded out, the Knitivity Group arrived to work on Mary and Baby Jesus. Pieces and parts were sewn together and the Manger Gang is really taking shape.

The best part of each day is seeing all of you come through the door! While we didn't mention everyone that came in, we loved catching up with you all!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We had a busy day today at the shop and things have slowed down now enough for me to mention we got a big load of Peaches and Creme Yarn in today. It has been fun to see all the different and lovely washcloth patterns everyone has come up with.

We are excited for our Peaches and Creme Sunday knitting group to start May 17th. This will be a fun time to sit around together and try all kinds of new patterns on a small scale. Most time, trying anything new is more accomplished on a small scale. Life is full of "baby steps" that joined together, really do result in a destination. Sometimes we can't even see the pattern until we get a few rows under our belt. Often the encouragement of others is all we need to keep going. Like I always say, "true in life, true in knitting!"

Update for our Knitwits Follower

Wow! We have a follower---so, it's not just Janet and I blabbing on our blog. We'll step up game for you.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cool we have a blog

We have always wanted to have a blog, a place to share notable information or random thoughts and now we do!! We don't have to bombard our friends with e-mails and we can hear from you.
So, game on!

The "We Want to Buy a New Bookcase" Sale

The "We Want to Buy a New Bookcase" Sale was a big success. Our thanks to all the customers who supported our worthy cause.