Thursday, May 28, 2009

Modern Technology

I finally found a computer that works! Yeah-the world at my fingertips!

The hotel in LGA (LaGuardia) charges for computer time, the hotel in RDU (Raleigh/Durham) has such strict parental controls on it that I couldn't access our Blog, and so finally in CHS (Charleston, SC)---a working computer!

Sorry about the last post. My iphone and my poor eyesight made it impossible to blog more than just a headline. Now, I'm just too sad to write about Baby Austin.

It has been a very strange trip for me. I was hoping to be holding the winning Powerball ticket which would have enabled me to return to my zipcode a little sooner (and a whole lot more). But, no such luck-I had one number right. I best I could do was have four of my flights cancel. I am the flight attendant who never flies. (More knitting time.) Back in the 41017 tomorrow night.

Speaking of knitting, I have my Yukon Sock, my mystery baby blanket and a new project with me. I broke two double point needles, lost my pattern and can no long work on my Yukon sock. I have another strip and 1-1/2 squares of yet another strip completed on the mystery baby blanket. Its all garter stitch and boring to knit. And then there is the new project. Jill is partially to blame for this one--a Kureyon Log Cabin Square Wall Hanging. I have four squares done-and a whole bunch more to go.

Jill is also responsible for me not getting more of my knitting completed and for my being sleep deprieved. She loaned me her book clubs' last selection, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I have enjoyed it too much and have stayed up too late reading it.
Let us know if there is a movie or book that you've enjoyed!
PS: Bottle Shock is a enjoyable DVD, pass on Rachel Getting Married (unless you like dark, and disturbing), Slumdog Millionaire gets better every time I watch it.

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