Friday, May 15, 2009

Back in the 41017

I'm back in the comfort of my own zipcode! I return with an almost finished (single-of course) sock made out of Yukon and a concerned heart. The latest update for Marci is not good but i'm hoping for a miracle. Thank you all for your messages and knitted creations. They are greatly appreciated and comforting. I'm sure the Misch family will find them to be the same.

While I usually have lots of petty things to complain about, I am going to use that energy to think positively and dwell on my fortunes. I have my health, the bout of the flu or cold is gone, my jobs, my family and I have my Knitwits family and friends.

PS- there are some premie patterns available on the web. Karen Bader got some from http://thepreemieproject.com/volunteer/patterns and http://debbiespreemiepatterns.wordpress.com/2008/11/25/seamless-booties/


  1. Junko, I believe we all are very blessed, especially with our family at Knitwits....