Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another Day, Another Project

Why is it that we get so excited to start something and the finish line never seems to show up? I know I have projects that are years in the making and it pains me to look at the pile of lovely yarn just as I left it. Each work is like an old friend, I can remember our first meeting and the time spent together, wanting so badly, for this project to work out.

What mysteries do you have left undone? Don't you just envy the people who won't start something new until they complete their currrent project! Here at the shop we run into those rare knitters every once in a while and I vow to try and be more accomplished. But then a new box of beautiful yarn shows up, like Christmas morning and I get my creative juices flowing and I can't help myself, I start something new!

What are your suggestions? (By the way, has anyone seen the unfinished sleeves to my sweater, I've lost them-again!)

Happy Mothers Day to all. I'm off to Montreat NC to visit my Mom and Dad. The shop will be open all weekend so come keep Junko company.

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