Friday, May 22, 2009

A Closely Knit Group

I'm still flying around but I should be back in the zipcode this evening. I'm anxious to get home for many reasons but mostly because I'm running low on yarn.

Last week, I was talking to Karen P. and she mentions that her husband is a pilot at Comair. So, lo and behold, who do I have the pleasure of flying with this week-Captain Graham P. There has been a knitter on just about every leg of my trip-lovely passengers have been working sweet baby sweaters, lacy socks, and gorgeous scarves. They ask me what I'm working and I say with a little hesitation, "a the teddy bear who has had an unfortunate run in with a bee." Mine looks even more bizarre because I have run out of brown with two arms and an ear to go.

The main point I'm trying to make is this. Outside of your favorite local shop, Knitters are everwhere. Sometimes they are disguised as normal folk, but give them a few minutes of idle time and they emerge. Even if you don't share the same taste in projects or yarns, the fact that we share the art and love of knitting binds us together into a closely knit community.

PS. For our loyal KnitwitsBlog Followers and readers, we have an extra bonus. If the mention the "super secret blogword" on Saturday, we will give you an extra 10% off on our "Wall of Wool" Special.

Please take advantage of the "Wall of Wool" sale. We have plans for a Christmas in July Promotion that include Custom-Heirloom Fairisle Christmas Stockings in Cascade 220, The Twelve Gifts of Christmas that features several felting projects and many other workhorse wool ideas!

The Super Secret Blogword is: FORGET-ME-NOT. So, don't forget it.

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