Monday, May 11, 2009

What's on Your Needles?

Gosh-I just love starting new projects. My completion factor is not in sync with the number of things started. Aaaargh! Anyway, here's what I have on the needles:

  1. Interweave Knits Spr/Summer Sprout T-shirt-finished sleeve last night. Just need to seam and block. Knit up really fast and was fun to do.
  2. Mystery Baby Blanket in Debbie Bliss Eco. I love this project, but I don't know why I'm knitting it so I keep it on the back burner.
  3. Customer Special Order Christmas Stockings-3 family heirloom stockings. Made two last year. Have one 90% finished. Can't seem to get in the Christmas spirit.
  4. Yukon-Cookie A. Socks-jumped on the Cookie A. Challenge and started a pair of socks. Yukon is the new yarn from Pagewood Farms. Same as Denali but with bamboo.

Why can't I stick with one thing instead of jumping around? KADD? (Knitting Attention Deficet Disorder). Too much yarn and good intentions and not enough time?

Let us know what's on your needles and maybe together we can encourage each other to completion (and another new project)!

1 comment:

  1. I've got a baby jacket on the needles - that I started when I was pregnant. Susannah is going to be 4 months old on Saturday and it is NOT jacket weather anymore, so I've lost my steam. Luckily it seems that all my friends & sisters-in-law are having babies, so hopefully I'll finish it in time to gift it to someone...