Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness-Part II

A recurring theme of this blog is random acts of kindness. It is because kindness abounds within the walls of the Knitwits. Today, a shopping bag of premie clothes and hats of every bright and cheery color arrived. Our Misch Family messenger delivered the goods to Marci at the hospital and sent word that the family is thrilled and touched by our offerings and well wishes. I am overwelmed by the caring and generosity shown for my friend. Thank You!

Marci is still resposive but experiencing ongoing seizures. The medication to control the seizures has sedated her much more than yesterday, but the family remains hopeful. Baby Austin is in Children's Hospital and holding his own.

We often say "We're not called Knitwits for Nothing!" because we don't often do things in the most orthodox way. I believe that it is because Knitwits is about something much bigger than just a yarn shop, Knitwits is about caring hands and hearts and creative ways to warm the hearts of others.

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