Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Knitting: Good Company

Have you ever thought of your knitting as social company? There is something comforting about a lovely basket of yarn sitting by your chair waiting for the day to wind down with a glass of wine poured (in stemware, of course) at the ready, for a bit of knitting time. I have come to relish these times, especially since the passing of my husband George. When he was alive, my home was always filled with the presence of another, and I never noticed how loud the sound of quiet can be. I do now. It lies heavy in my ear and I so appreciate that bit of knitting that waits for my touch and attention.
I am having such an evening tonight. Home late, scrambled eggs for dinner, and of course already in my PJ's. The stemware is full of my favorite red and I am trying so hard to finish my Mission Falls cotton baby blanket. Easy knitting, strips of stockinette color blocks, a project that takes no attention and should have been finished weeks ago is at my side waiting for a finish. I am getting close and I know the girls at the shop will be so happy to have me actually complete a sample!
On my second glass, not too far on the knitting tonight. Sarah just got home and I made her the egg dish I made up for myself tonight. Give this a try. Scramble a couple of eggs and add some chopped fresh basil from the new plant you just bought and haven't planted yet. Wow. Add a bit of cheese that melts and you've got yourself a tasty dinner.
I'm watching the show, American Idol and need to get a couple of rows knitted. Hope your quiet moments are filled with the sound of knitting tonight.

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