Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Dont Like Holiday's

I know it sounds downer, but the anticipation of holiday's always makes me feel uneasy. I don't mean just Christmas or New Year's, (although they are the heavy hitters), I include all. I'm thinking Mother's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day... These particular days surround themselves with the expectation of a time set apart for fun and relaxation that never seems to quite cut it. Especially this season of change and all things new with George's absence. He leaves such an empty hole in all places for me. Widowhood is that black hole no one wants and once trapped inside, life becomes a different color. Enough cheeriness. I am off to North Carolina for the weekend. I will bring my new knitting project I started last night with a bit of guilt thinking of all the unfinished projects crying out for attention. Oh well, I need something new. That is the beauty of knitting. There is always the choice of starting a fresh project and a new beginning full of promise! I need some new color. Have a good weekend all! Janet

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