Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday at the shop is Funday

Today was yet another Funday at the shop.

It was a slow morning with Janet manning the shop by herself. By lunchtime, Junko and Sheryl joined in. Then, Gerry Lockhart stopped in with two new creations-a lovely lace shawl and an extra special clapotis. She crocheted a lacey edge on both ends of her clapotis and it really finished it off. She'll show both projects off at the Clapotis Show-Off Day on May 16th. She's also agreed to do a little "Lace-A-Long" for those of you who want to try your hand at lace knitting.

Our Guy Knitter, Greg, stopped by for some yarn and inspiration. Yarn-check! Inspiration-check! He left with both and some fun ideas for projects.

Things really started cooking when the kids showed up for Kids Club. They are amazing! There were two new girls and they jumped right in and started knitting. By the end of Kids Club, they both had headbands to wear out of the shop!

As the kids were herded out, the Knitivity Group arrived to work on Mary and Baby Jesus. Pieces and parts were sewn together and the Manger Gang is really taking shape.

The best part of each day is seeing all of you come through the door! While we didn't mention everyone that came in, we loved catching up with you all!


  1. okay, this is great..now you need links and a flickr account with pics of stuff in the shop...

  2. This weekend, i'll play with pics, and links. Flickr kind of scares me-i'll ask around for help.