Tuesday, September 29, 2009


' y'all! I just pack my bag for another 4-day trip. My time off flew by! When I get back in town, we need to have someone slow down the clock-I'm not nearly ready to flip the calendar page to October. Although, we did manage to get the October staffing schedule done.

Two of my three days off were spent at Knitwits. Yesterday was spent with 2 hours of shop errands and a four hour lunch with Janet discussing the shop. I did managed to get some home repair done thanks to Not Steve. I came home from my last trip to discover a pool of water on my bathroom floor. Not Steve managed to disassemble the toilet (I didn't realize that they came apart), replace the innards and wax ring, remove rust, de-gunk the mystery crud and put it all back together (I watched). He also hung an Addison Mac light fixture in my kitchen and put a dimmer switch on my dining room chandelier. What a Guy-he lights up my life and does plumbing!

As I watch him bring in tools, gidgets and gadgets, I realized that his "stuff" was to him as my knitting stuff is to me. The big screwdriver and the little screwdriver were like #10.5 and #7 needles. Same tool, different use. Does that make Home Depot the LYS of "Not" Steve?

Speaking of the Steve's. They've been a little scarce around the shop. Hope you're all well and just too busy to pop-in. Maybe, they're hangin' in Home Depot!

My last blog entry triggered a few comments from the "Mean" Girls group. To clarify, they are not mean and they don't talk about others, they are our Cookie A. Sock knitters and they pride themselves on their high standards of yarn selection, pattern choice, needles, notions and craftsmanship. The "Mean" girls are actually just the opposite, they are loyal, loving and funnier than all get out!

See you on Saturday!


  1. Awww, you're so sweet! The Mean Girls love you!

  2. Awwww... Bill is a little hurt. He wanted to hang your lights up =)

    Thanks for the clarity about us mean girls -- we don't want to get a bad rap =)