Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jordana Paige

The other day, my mother called and asked me what I wanted for Christmas. She asked if I would like a Roomba, the thing that looks like a gigantic, out of control, yoyo that aimlessly vacuums your house while your away. I said I would think about it.

My mother must have something to worry herself sick about in order to be happy. She usually worries about her dog, Ruby, or my brother and his family. Ruby must be fine. Good. And my brother, his wife, and my two nephews must be over the H1N1 virus, that was last week's Hot Topic. For her to be worrying about Christmas, is a good sign that she needs to be making stuff up to worry about!!

A roomba may be a nice thing to have but I picture coming back from a four day trip and finding that my roomba has choked to death trying to digest yarn, dust balls and some of the unfinished knitting that lays around the floor like an obstacle course. Thanks mom, but I'll stick to Ole School and let the cleaning lady (me) use the upright vacuum cleaner.

What I really want for Christmas is a Jordana Paige Knitting Bag! Laura Fant has one and I drool and covet it everytime I see it. Jordana Paige Knitting Bags are stylish, functional, hip, to die for cute PURSES that just happen to have cool knitting features and plenty of room for projects. Check out the web site! (If you click the underlined Jordana Paige, it will take you there. But finish reading the blog first.) They retail for under $90, so they're cheaper and better looking than most of my purses! Perfect! I want the Black Onyx Rio Bag.

Here's the problem. I did some research on getting them for the shop. Their minimum order is pretty big, so we can't justify bringing a bunch in just so I can have a great Christmas present for my mom to get me. Here's the solution. If enough of us want a Jordana Paige Knitting Bag for Christmas, we can place an opening order that meets our minimum and have them in time for Holiday Knitting season. If we have enough special orders, we may be able to offer a Knitwits Super Introductory Special Order Pre-Pay Offer Discount! We all win--I get my bag, you get your bag and our bag gifters get a discount! If you're interested, let us know at the shop.

Please.... don't make me get a Roomba!

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  1. Haa haaa that is a riot. I have both a Jordana Paige and a Roomba oh and I belong to the mean girls knitting club. Just funning around!! The bag is a great knitting bag. I got it for Christmas last year. I am not a purse person but just had to have this one and haven't put it down!