Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prog Blog - Day 1

Do Birthday Wished get more powerful when you turn....my new age?

Yesterday was my birthday (it was also Ed's Birthday) and we both wished for a safe, successful and happy journey---and first class/business class would be very nice.

Wishes do come true! "Plan A" CVG-JFK, JFK-PRG was an overwhelming success!
Capt'n John picked me (and my ONE bag) up with a single red birthday rose in hand. If was a little bit like a rose ceremony scene from "The Bachelor", but it was a nice touch to start our vacation. From then on...it was first class all the way to Prague.

Capt'n John, Regina and I were able to sleep from the time they cleared away our dinner plates to the time they served breakfast. Capt'n Ed didn't have as much success. I am able to fall into the deepest, most restful sleep on airplanes-in fact, I slept so hard that the hair fairy came and gave me a very interesting doo for my Prague debut.

Prague is six hours ahead of the 41017 zip code, so I think we arrived in Prague on Saturday morning. It was sunny but a little chilly (50-60).

Our hotel is located on the very top of town. Our room was not ready when we arrived, so we took a little stroll through the neighborhood. The cobblestone streets are lined with small restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and bakeries. Every restaurant has a chalkboard with daily specials and here are some of the offerings: Pork Knuckle, Sparrow with Sauerkraut, and Pig Neck. Capt'n John was much more interested in the apple strudel and pastries.
St. Charles Bridge

After a nice nap and shower, we met up with Ed and Regina to see the sights and sounds of the city down the hill. We walked down the hill with a steady stream of people. We knew that the walk back up after a hearty meal would be grueling. We ended up having dinner along the river and under the St. Charles Bridge.

Hi everyone this is Capt'n John;  My best friend Ed's nose led us to the most wonderful pastry called a "Trdelnik". This wonderful pastry is made of dough rolled on a metal cylinder and baked over a gas flame and when golden brown, this hollow perfection of pastry heaven is rolled in cinnamon and sugar.  Mmmmmm when accompanied by a good cup of coffee it gives you a full days' requirement of vitamins and nutrients according to Capt'n John's definition of good nutrition. They were sooooo good--we had one before and one after dinner! :)


  1. Hey there. Glad you made it!!! Make sure you have dinner in old town square and watch the astronomical clock in the square. Preferably at night!!! George.

  2. Good morning Junko!

    Happy belated Birthday. Glad to hear you made it to Prague in first class style. Wonderful way to travel. I'll look forward to reading more about your much deserved vacation in the "Prog-Blog."