Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Don't Get IT!

I've been bringing my laptop on trips with me because I think I have a Blog Addiction. I tell myself to bring lappie so I can get some Knitwits accounting done---but, truth be told--it is because I can't really blog on my iphone.

When I try to get on-line at the hotel or on a break at the airport, I have a heck of a time trying to figure out how! Wi-fi, VPN, LAN, error, passwords...I just don't get it! I just want to connect!
I need a little "Pocket Pandora" to help me out.

Young Steve's business card reads IT Specialist. I apparently don't get IT! Whatever IT is, I don't have IT!

On the bright side, I have knIT! When it comes to knitting, I feel like a knIT specialist. I can figure out SSP, TBL, CB4F, etc. So...if you run into a knit problem, you can blog or e-mail me. If I can connect my computer, I'll get back to You!

Now, a message from Guest Blogger, Jill.

Today I did something very brave. For me, that is—a librarian by training who just hates, hates, hates to have her books mistreated. Today I decided to take my Cookie A’s Sock Innovation book to Staples and have them cut the spine off. Why did I do it? Think of it as preventive medicine. My book’s binding was beginning to show signs of wear. This measure, drastic as it may seem, was meant to keep my book healthy. Staples replaced the spine with a nice spiral binding. And they put mylar covering on the back and front for extra protection. Now my book, which has already seen a lot of wear, has a tough binding, opens out perfectly flat and it will be much, much easier to photocopy. Cost? $2.99. For $2.99 I’ve got a more usable book that will stand up to heavy use. How long did it take? Oh, maybe five minutes or so. A great investment of time and money, if you ask me.

(imagine picture HERE)

I showed my husband the book when I got home. He said, “Hey! You’ve got a Teacher’s Manual now!” I guess that’s true, since I’m leading the Cookie A sock knitalong. We’ll be starting a new sock soon… anyone is welcome to join, although you have to buy the book and be willing to be adventuresome. I promise the socks you make will be beautiful and teach you lots! Now I am going to need to look at my knitting bookshelf and figure out what else needs a visit to Staples…. As long as the book has a good margin, it should work just fine.


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