Monday, June 8, 2009

Emilie, Almosters, and Knitting on the Go.

Here's Emilie Hatton in the sweater that her mother, Lisa "Rockstar" Hatton, knit for her. Have you ever seen anything sweeter?

I've finished a few things myself this weekend-well almost finished. My Yukon sock (singular) is just waiting for me to tackle the kitchener stitch, but I'm not convinced that I'm happy with the toe decreases. My mystery baby blanket is on display at the shop. The project was an on-line project where they gave you a series of clues to knit. You had no idea what the finished project was going to look like. I'm a trusting soul-and I'm glad I did it! It's super cute and was fun to do. I have the last clue to finish. It's a pocket for holding toys. The blanket is totally done, ends woven in, seams stitched up. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Blogging makes you much more accountable for finishing the projects that you've blabbed about. Thanks readers!

We survived the "I Wanna Buy a Bookshelf" Sale and this weekend's Storewide Sale-today, we begin Fall and Winter '09 buying. It's hard to think about Fall and Winter when its 4000 degrees outside. Classic Elite, Rowan, Mission Falls and many other lines will be seen today-and its going to be a long one. Stay tuned for Fall/Winter forecast.

I know many of you are busy with vacations, visiting, entertaining guests and and activities like kickball, softball, gardening and swimming. Take knitting with you. My projects serve as a little memory scrapbooks. I remember the baby blanket I knit in Italy, the sweater I knit when my flights in Mexico cancelled due to a two-day mechanical problem and the sock I was knitting when my first nephew was born. Fill your knitting with fond memories.

Two more things to remember for today:
  1. When life gives you a yarn sale, buy!
  2. Sock yarn doesn't count as stash.

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