Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The life of a competitive adult Kickball player isn't all fun and games! I keep myself in fairly good shape--I jog, do yoga, play with the wii, move hand weights around and pay the Better Bodies bill every month. Janet sees her personal trainer twice a week and rides her stationary bike in the mornings.

Two days after our first competitive adult kickball game, I still find it difficult to cross my legs without assistance and to go down steps without wincing in pain. What's up with that? At first Janet denied, the aches and pains. Granted, she didn't have to run as much as "Iron Foot- I Got on Base a couple of Times Junko", but she too was running around in the mud and rain. I caught on to her when we dropped something at TNNA and we both looked at each other like, "I'm not bending over to get that." The true confession came yesterday, when she said, "Okay, I kinda have kicking leg. Hand me the aspirin."

Now, I'll cut the blab and get on with the blog.
In order to get faster, stronger, smarter and better, you have to "Workout", do "Personal Training" and or "Classes." Even then, sometimes you need something more drastic---like "BOOT CAMP"!

Here at Knitwits, we offer "Workouts", "Personal Training", Classes and Clubs. Do you see where we're going? That's right...Beginning in September we will offer Knitwits Boot Camp! 10 sessions of hands-on knitting skill development.

The great thing about Boot Camp is that it is a professionally developed curriculum with teacher manuals, student handbooks and everything else (students, teachers and yarn not included). This is the one thing that everyone who went to TNNA ranted and raved about. Janet is our first victim to sign up for Knitwits Boot Camp, spaces are limited and filling up quickly.

In the meantime, Janet and I are going to step up game and continue training for competitive adult kickball. We are really getting a jump start on our training for the Senior Olympics (we still have a few years before we qualify), we just haven't found our specialty yet. I don't think its kickball. :(


  1. Boot Camp sounds great. Will it be held in the evenings or weekends?

  2. We're still trying to figure out some of the specifics. We'll let ya'll know. What is your preference?

  3. I work full time, so I could only come if it was in the evenings or on the weekend. Around 4:00 on a weekday would be optimal for me. (Hint, hint.) Then I could just stop on my way home from work.