Monday, June 15, 2009

Columbus and Back and Four More Days on the Road

We made it to Columbus and Back! One coffee stop, one potty break and one u-turn.

I don't know about ALL of you readers, but Jill and Sheryl weren't convinced that we would actually go. Have you no Faith?

We drove, we parked, we signed in, we shopped! After just a few booths, everything started to look the same. But, we did find some really "wow" things that we thought you'd all love. We also saw the Kosher Cowboy and too many kniters that believed that it was necessary to wear everything they've ever made.

Tomorrow, I leave on yet another four day trip. The fun never stops!
I'm taking 3 balls of Cascade Lana D'Oro for a sweater coat that Janet thinks a Yarn Shop Owner should have. She keeps checking in to make sure I'm knitting a medium, not a small. If I blog that I'm running low on yarn, my trip is not going well. :(

Too much to blab about and not enough time...so stop by the shop and get the skinny on the TNNA show, new yarns and other plans in the works.

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