Monday, June 22, 2009

Guy Yarn Rep Knits!

Thomas, the yarn rep we met with today, is a young, good looking, guy knitter! And likes to knit for his fiance. He did want to get a workout in before he hit the road again, so we kept focus and finished up somewhat quickly (for us at least). I owe him an apology for doubting his knitting skills, he really knew his stuff and was a pleasure to work with and get to know.

We actually have lots in common. We knit, we workout, we're on the road too much with yarn and suitcases and we have plans for writing a book. Go figure---I thought he was just going to be "Yarn Dude."

Thomas commented on the "Southern, down-home" hospitality of the shop.
Perhaps that is why I too enjoy the shop so much. It truly is my home away from home.

Live. Laugh. Knit!

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  1. Thanks Junko... The nice words are refreshing. You guys were great. Keep up the good work in the shop