Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Do You Land A Fish?

Things came to a screeching halt after Janet's order to "Land This Fish!".

What does that mean? How do you Land A Fish? Where do you start? MMmmmmmmm.

Light Bulb Moment! Janet's brilliance shines through yet again!
Duh! Fishing is just like knitting!

In order to land a fish you need a fishing hole (preferably a well stocked one), a stick or rod, some string or line, bait or lures, a little skill and luck! Knitting requires a stocked LYS (Local Yarn Shop), sticks (needles or crochet hooks), string--we call it yarn, lures--free coffee, laughs, and again, yarn, a little skill and yes, luck!

Do you go to the local pond for deep sea fishing? Can you catch Alaskan Salmon in Kentucky? NO! You can't stock everything but a good fish market will order it for you.

Suddenly, things became clear. Keep a well stocked pond, have the correct tools for the task at hand, throw in some bait and lures, gather up your fishing buddies, have plenty of refreshments and learn to think like a fish!

Our Fall/Winter plan is ready to "Land the Fish!"
A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work!

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