Monday, August 31, 2009

Coffee, Tea or Malabrigo?

I'm back after flying around for four days in crazy weather, dealing with aircraft mechanical delays and ground hold delays, crazy passengers and pets (read on), and way too many airport meals. Why? Why do I do it?

The truth is that I love being a flight attendant as much as I love being a Knitwit! If I didn't love it, I would still be doing it. My usual job retention span is around 5 years....12 years is by far the record. I may hem and haw about being away so much but in reality I only work four days a week, I don't really work that hard when I am working and I usually get to pick where and when I go. It is not so much about the serving drinks and snacks, blabbing into a interphone speaker-thing or proudly wearing the wings that I enjoy, it is the people that I meet, the places that I explore, and the quality knitting time. I am truly blessed for having two jobs that I enjoy so much.

I usually blog about the weird and unbelievable stuff that happens while I'm flying. I like to share my Comair misfortunes and adventures because it seems to make the shop more sane ...plus it's far more fun to crab about the dark stuff.

A fellow flight attendant friend was telling me about his last trip (yes, my fellow flight attendant friend is a fellow and his name is "Not Steve"). He had the good fortune to have a nearly perfect trip. He had a great crew, great layovers and as a team they formed life-long friendships and memories throughout the course of their trip. The highlights included a pet fox escaping in the cabin and a 30-hour layover in Philadelphia complete with a city-wide search for the best Philadelphia Cheesesteak. Okay, "Not Steve" wins this week's food wars! So there, Janice!

The point of all of this is that like knitter's, flight attendants all have a story of their own. We all have different reasons for being a flight attendant and we all have different backgrounds. Next time you're on a plane, put your knitting needles down, look beyond the uniform and ask your flight attendant what they like to do on their time off. The answers will always be interesting and will give you a better insight into who they really are. If they're knitters, they'll tell you where to find the best yarn shops at your final destination!

Wheels Up and Yarn to the Needles!

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