Monday, August 3, 2009

Guinea Pig

I'm back and a little tired from killing time for four days. And No, I wasn't bored enough to knit guinea pig sweaters! Ya Gotta Love Google Image Search!

I've decided that I have turned into the shop guinea pig! I'm the one who tests the new patterns, and yarns and anything else that comes into the shop. I'm the "Mike-ey" of the yarn kingdom. Its kinda fun being the guinea pig-I get to test the square knitting needles, the new yarns, the mystery punch that Janet concocts, etc. I'm also guilty of rooting around in the office for leftover kid's club snacks, microwave popcorn, Frito's, girl scout cookies and anything else left behind.

The square knitting needles were fun to knit with. The cable on the square circulars (if there is such a thing) is really flexible like a red licorice shoestring. It doesn't spoing up like some cables do. The square needle part is very easy to hold and seems to be easier on the forearms when knitting for long periods of time. I used them for six straight hours to knit the Baby Bolero sweater in the car on the way back from Janet's cabin in Montreat, North Carolina. I give them the thumbs up and I wasn't expecting to like them. I thought they would be gimmicky.

Malabrigo was another guinea pig project. The first test was the Amanda Hat. Love at first stitch. Next, was the Malabrigo Loafer. This was true love-the perfect marriage of yarn and pattern. I'm now obsessed with researching patterns for Malabrigo. I think anything would be lovely in the stuff--but I'm thinking of something along the lines of fingerless gloves for texting in cold weather ( no thumbs and open finger tips). Two thumbs up on the Malabrigo. I foresee new colors in the very near future.

I've also been doing some pretty thorough research on Noro. This stuff is fascinating and the possibilities are endless. I've done a bunch of Noro experiments from the Faux Fairisle Hat, a Lizard Ridge Pillow, Rippled Silk Garden Vest, Kimono Jacket to a Log Cabin Wall hanging. If you need some ideas for Knitting Noro, I have them.

We just got a whole bunch of new patterns in and I'm test driving the Baby Moc Socks in Comfort DK-really cute. I didn't get the gauge quite right on the first one so the second one is still on the needles. I hope I don't have second moc-sock syndrome. I'm also guinea pigging a Heritage Fiber Publication Handwarmer Pattern and I'm using Panda Soy sock yarn. Really liking the yarn. It is very soft and lovely. The handwarmer is knit on #2 needles in K1P1 rib and is slightly tedious-good for killing time when your flights are cancelled or delayed. The Heritage Patterns are well written and instructional-we will be using them for many fall classes. They are the source for our Knitting Boot Camp Materials. Two thumbs up again!

With all of the new arrivals from our TNNA shopping spree, this guinea pig has lots of knitting to do. Llama, alpaca of all shapes, blends and weights, Glimmer, glitz.....I'm like a kid in a candy store. Thank goodness I'm the flight attendant who doesn't fly!


  1. spoing... thats a good word..

    Give it to Junko -- She'll knit anything!

  2. No comments about the fish? guinea pigs in sweaters? Spoing is all I get?

  3. haha, the guinea pigs in sweaters were good -- spoing just really stood out to me... What fish? are you talking about the ones that are swimming on the side of my computer? those are cool

  4. Is there a pattern for the green guinea pig sweater. I need a pattern very badly. If you can help me my e-mail is dszeches@closecall.com