Saturday, August 15, 2009

Food Wars

It's Saturday morning and I'm in my second home, JFK Doubletree Airport. This week there is a sign on the patio that reads, "Absolutely No Smoking on Patio!" Do you think I should sign the bottom of the sign with my employee number? Or better yet, add "And no loud gum chewing!"

One of the perks of flying around is holding our own version of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives", the object of the game is to eat well for the least amount of money.
I spent the first night of the trip in LGA (New York-LaGuardia). Joe's Shanghai was the ritual of our old LGA Hotel but since we changed hotels last year, my new ritual is to have dinner delivered from this place that has Killer Cannolis. I ordering a whole bunch of food like a Greek Salad and Gyro or a pizza with 3 cannolis so they think I'm ordering food for a whole family- but I really just want a bunch of canoli and don't want to sound like a little piggy.

Round One. I ordered my cannoli, hung up the phone (it is preset in phone under Killer Cannoli), and no sooner does the hotel room phone ring, delivery man in downstairs. On the way downstairs I call Janice (Flight Attendant/Knitter) to boast about my Cannolis. She's is flying with our friend Noel, is overnighting in Boston and it at Santapio's eating pizza. She's totally trumped me. She has an incredible crew, Boston beats LGA hands down, and Santapio's is listed as one of the Top 10 best Pizza Places in the country. Round One goes to Janice. I enjoy my cannolis anyway.

Round Two. I had a very early report yesterday and finished up in JFK around lunch time. I text message Janice and she blabs that she and her crew also finished early and they're enjoying a super fun day in Chicago and are just sitting down to another pizza. Next text reads," No question about which pizza is better!" Trumped again! Chicago beats JF'nK, Chicago Style deep Dish Yummy Pizza beats Warm Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookie-no contest! Round Two: Janice Again. Small consolation, I do have the better fitness center.
Our schedule requests for September have to be entered by Monday. I'm going to bid based on the quality of the overnights. I'm going for good pizza or other noteworthy local cuisine, quality knitting time, free wi-fi or business center, comfortable bed, nice treadmill. Just wait til next month Janice!

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