Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Lately, I've been very easily distracted. All it takes is a shiny object, a new shipment of yarn, a cute pattern, a penny on the ground...whatever it was that I was busy doing is now forgotten. Stay focused!

The latest distraction is Twitter. I don't know why but I was impelled to get on the bandwagon. I haven't tweeted yet but I have been twitted...by our friend Steve (of course). Not Pandora computer Steve or Maintenance Steve but other Steve-- Comair Steve and dear friend of Janet's. Comair Steve was kind of the last person I thought would be on Twitter--he's my age. He does send text messages and he is on Facebook--Let's call him Hip Steve. Hip Steve's tweet really caught me off guard. I had no sooner pressed the enter key and my iphone ting-ed me that I had a new message, lo and behold Hip Steve was saying "Hi" and welcoming me to the Twitter Generation.

Signing up was easy, coming up with a screen name was a whole other story. I guess I could have used my name like most people, but I wanted to be somewhat anonymous. I tried Knitwit-taken, knittertwitter, can't use twitter in name, my usual screen name, taken, on and on--even Junko was taken. I choked and typed in "knitteratnight". I had no intention of being "knitteratnight" but that name was accepted-just my luck :(. They didn't even ask me if I was sure that I really wanted to use that stupid name-it just suddenly appeared on my screen. So "Knitteratnight" it is.

So..where was I?

Oh yes, I casted on and started a bunch of new stuff this home stretch. I started an ipod cozy in Soxx Appeal. The yarn is really fun to work with-it's like knitting with bubble gum. I thought it would be a one night wonder but, on #1.5 needles-not so much. I'll take it on my next trip as a kill time project. I also started a Side Cable Pullover in Kathmandu Aran. This is a new pattern that just came in and it looks like the PERFECT weekend, lounging around, comfy, no-frills (cables don't count) sweater. It is knit entirely in one piece, in the round, from the bottom up-no seams. Somehow, I managed to get about 6" done between my distractions this evening. Considering that it is knit in the round, this is almost a one night wonder. Now, its too big to take in my flight bag.

Raisin Bran, Q-Tips, Oreos and CuddlDuds---accept no substitutes! I'm jumping around because we are meeting with the Kosher Cowboy tomorrow morning. He called this evening and said he was riding through town tomorrow. He is the Rowan yarn rep and they carry a yarn called Kidsilk Haze. This is the only mohair that I like and I've been pining for it for years! Like Raisin Bran, Q-Tips and Oreos, there is no acceptable substitute!

I hope I like tweeting as much as I like blogging. If I do I'll tweet you the update on Kidsilk Haze and anything else that distracts me from knitting Janet's Waistcoat Sweater in size M.


  1. I don't know how long the Kosher Cowboy will be in town, but www.cincinnatikosher.com lists kosher restaurants and bakeries.
    Graeter's ice cream is certified kosher!

  2. He was headed for Graeters right after our meeting. I'll pass the info on. He did briing us some great Kosher Bagels from Blue Ash.