Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where Friends are Made

I had lived in Crescent Springs for six years before I had any friends here. I had lots of acquaintances but no one that I would call a true friend. Most of my free time was spent out of town traveling and visiting old friends, family and yarn shops...and knitting without purpose. All of that changed when I found Knitwits.

I often say that Kentucky didn't feel like home to me until I met Janet and her family. We knew we would be friends the minute we met each other. Since then, my knitting now has a purpose and my circle of friends has grown by leaps and bounds and most of these friendships started at Knitwits.

Yesterday, Janet told me that I looked like "a used bridesmaid". From anyone else, I may have been slightly offended. But from Janet, it was extremely funny and somewhat true. Perhaps the lace dress, puffy flower pin and gold sandals were a bit much. Only a true friend would correct your poor fashion choices. (She admitted today that her first outfit of the day was slightly bridesmaid-ish in keeping with the theme-she did change into something else before showing up at the shop. I too stepped up game and went back to the usual little black dress.)

For me, Knitwits is so much more than a yarn shop. I laugh more in the shop than anywhere else, my face sometimes hurts from smiling so much, I witness more acts of genuine kindness from the staff and customers there and most of the time there is no place I'd rather be.

Knitwits is where Friends are Made and it really was voted "The Friendliest Yarn Shop in Town."

P.S. Don't tell anyone...but Janet, Sue, Kirsten (former employee), Tom (former employee) and I were the only ones that voted.

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  1. Knitwits is like Cheers.... sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name, and they're glad you came!