Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Food Wars Continue

I took a few days off from knitting. I few minor set backs had me put my needles down and regroup. I guess I've been too obsessed with Food Wars to concentrate on my knitting.

My lovely Ishbel was bound off too loosely and ruffled instead of laying flat so I had to put all 345 stitches back on the needles :(-binding off the second time is not as fun and is now downright laborious. My side cable pullover also went south-I didn't bring the right needles with me and tried to make due with a size 7 instead of an 8. Ripped out all the 7 stuff.
On Saturday, Janice calls me raving about the Walt Disney World Shortbread that Jill had brought to the shop for Cookie A. knitting. I was eating yet another Doubletree Chocolate Cookie. Janice wins round three!

Yesterday, Janice called to invite me to a Chicago Hot Dog Lunch. Being from Chicago, Janice knows her dogs! I am also a Hot Dog Gourmet, New York Style is my specialty, but I do enjoy a Chicago-style hot dog that I order saying "Drag it through the Garden" meaning with everything-tomatoes, cucumbers, relish, teenie tiny hot peppers, etc. I have to decline because I have an appointment with an Oral Surgeon. Hands down-Janice wins another round of food wars!

If I can't beat Janice at Food Wars, I'm going to her kick butt in what I do best (I thought it was eating well, but I guess not) -KNITTING. I'm going to hunker down with my yarn and needles and show her that I'm a better Knitwit!

PS: Next month I'm getting implants. Not the fun kind that make the Miracle Bra obsolete but Molars #17 and #18. Gotta start thinking about the Soft Food Wars.

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