Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, I'm back from yet another trip. Except for a couple of incidents, this trip was fairly smooth. I was flying with a good crew (which is really important-yet rare), the other flight attendant was the poor soul who was with me for the Coke Bomb experience. Ailsa (she calls herself Lisa) seemed to have recovered from that incident and was happy to see me.

The first leg from CVG (Cincinnati) to ORD (Chicago O'Hare) went without incident. It was the next flight from ORD to JFK that put a glitch in our giddy-up. We boarded up most of our passengers and we were told that we were waiting for 2 more. Well, a 30-ish man showed up and he appeared to have had a few cocktails. After a few more minutes a 50-ish year old woman showed up and she too seemed to have had a few. We referred to them as Drunk 1 and Drunk 2. We got them to their seats and closed the boarding door.

As we're doing our demonstration routine, we notice that Drunk 2 is on her phone and crying hysterically. I stop my thang and ask her if she is okay and tell her that her phone should be turned off. We proceed with the seat belt thing and again she is on her phone and sobbing even louder. I ask her if I can get her anything and through her crying she yells, "Alcohol! Liquor!" I say no and tell her to hang up the phone. We finish our schpeel and start to taxi out to the runway when the flight attendant call buttons start dinging. The passengers seated around Drunk 2 are ratting on her that she's still on her phone. At this point, Lisa decided that we should return to the gate and she can get off and finish her phone call in ORD. I call the pilots to go back to the gate to remove Drunk 2.

When we arrive back at the Gate, the baggage handlers have already removed Drunk 1's suitcase and have it on the Jetway. (They apparently knew the condition of the late arriving passengers). We tell them that Drunk 1 is staying and that it was Drunk 2 that was being removed. At this point 4 policemen, assorted Delta, TSA and airport people swaarm the plane. I guess they mean business when you ask to return to the gate. Drunk 2 was escorted off the plane but she did leave us a little note on her now vacant seat apologizing for being such a problem.

The rest of the day was uneventful-didn't get much knitting done. Day two went without incident-started my Ishbel from Ysolda Teague's Whimsical Little Knits. But day three was another story.

I had a fairly late report so I ripped out my Ishbel (read pattern wrong) and started over again and I was eating my lunch on the outdoor patio at the Doubletree JFK Airport. Behind me was a woman chewing gum and smoking. She was chewing like cow and cracking that gum like a machine gun. I had to shoot her the stink eye a few times and she finally left. AAAh, peace and quiet, a nice sunny day, a delicious hamburger with crispy french fries .....and I smell smoke-not like cigarette smoke but FIRE! I look around and notice the garbage can where the gum cracker was sitting is now on fire. I run inside and tell the bellman that there's a fire outside and go back outside to retrieve my burger. By now, the fire is now engulfing the garbage can and shooting out the side. I run back inside and the bellman tells me that help is coming. As a flight attendant and trained in CPR, first aid, self defense and fire fighting, and put on my thinking cap and got into fire fighting mode. I crashed a Mary Kay Cosmetics Convention in the Ballroom, grabbed 2 pitchers of water and doused the flames. By the time help arrived, the fire is extinguished and just smoldering.

The fun never ends. I thought the Doubletree would at least give me an extra Chocolate Chip Cookie or buy my lunch-but no such luck. :(

I'm glad to be back in the zipcode for a few days. I have really enjoyed working on my Ishbal-I think I'm about eighty percent done. It's just enough knitting and just enough lace to keep your attention without feeling overwhelmed. It does require some concentration-not great for fire fighting. Side Cable Sweater got put on hold, didn't have necessary needles in notions bag. Ipod cozy may be too snug for ipod-I stuck a banana in it and it protected the banana from bruising while in my flight bag. Brilliant!

Someone please remind me to pick up some Goosepond Stitch markers for Socks-my stitch markers are too big for #2s, some double points for Side Cable Sweater and the new Interweave Knits!

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