Friday, July 31, 2009

The Flight Attendant Who Doesn't Fly

Dear Readers... I so enjoy finding free computer time while I'm out on one of my trips. Blogging really helps me remember the important things (friends, family and knitting) and allows me to share the strange and unusual moments and thoughts that happen while I'm away from the 41017 and Knitwits

I fly 4 day trips. I do this because this gets me the best schedule and I like to get my flying done in long stretches of time a couple of times rather than many times a month for short stretches like Janice, a fellow flight attendant/knitting friend. Besides, I cannot hold decent 2-day trips (With a couple of years more seniority, Janice takes them all!)

Every week when I'm packing for my trip, I am faced with the following dilemma when it comes to blogging:
  1. Lugging around my laptop computer and all associated accessories (a real pain in the knitting bag going through airport security).
  2. Trying to blog on my iphone (impossible without a magnifying glass).
  3. Breaking down and getting one of those cute new netbooks (even though they are fairly inexpensive-will the novelty wear off?)
  4. Bidding for trips that have overnights in hotels with free business center use.

My final decision comes down to "How long are the layovers?".

I love my layovers! I bid for double-digit layovers, meaning ten or more hours on the ground. The perfect morning while working includes getting up without an alarm clock or wake up call, a cup of strong coffee, a few rows of knitting, about an hour in the fitness center, an easy USA Today Crossword puzzle, another cup of coffee, a hot shower and a FREE computer to blog on!

Some days you hit the jackpot...all of the above as well as a complimentary breakfast bar and a crew room with private crew use computers! Other crew perks are in-room refrigerators or microwaves, Tastee Cakes upon check in, Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookies and good bedside lighting for late night knitting. Tonight isn't bad--the Renaissance in Philly has plenty of FREE computers available, yummy chocolates on pillow, a packet of Forget-Me-Not flower seeds and cool soaps and shampoos. It's the little things!

Back to the blogging logic. After analyzing this week's trip, I decided that this trip wasn't very blog worthy-layovers too short, computer use should be available on days 2 and 3. Not worth trouble to lug laptop, bring an extra pair of shoes and two balls of Classic Elite Sprout instead.

Little did I know...what was on my schedule and what I would actually do...two totally different things! All of my flight assignments have either cancelled or turned into deadheads. I've only worked 4 flights in 3 days. I am the flight attendant who doesn't fly! Good thing I knit! and good thing I packed enough yarn!

I am scheduled to finish my trip tomorrow morning. I am supposed to work a flight from Philadelphia to Cincinnati. However, they also have eight other crew members scheduled to work the flight. (This week's crazy weather has really messed up the flight schedules.) Perhaps, I will get out of working yet another flight!

Until tomorrow.........

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  1. You do lead a busy life my friend. Emilie and I missed seeing you at Knitwits this week. Nathan was even there for a little while. I look forward to seeing those loafers you were working on. See you soon.