Monday, July 20, 2009

The Knitwits Mysteries-No Peaches for Junko

This summer has been full of little mysteries at the shop.

First there was the case of Jackie Duebber's missing #2 Hiya Hiya Needle (and other needles, but the Hiya Hiya was the big one). Jackie came to Sock club and left without her #2 Hiya Hiya needle. The next day, she came in and searched high and low for that darn needle. She moved furniture, she searched pencil stands, she questioned everyone--I was expecting the FBI to come and dust for fingerprints or at least conduct a thorough strip search.

A week or so later, an unnamed customer came in and said, "You'll never guess what I found stuck to the bottom of my knitting bag (she had made a lovely felted knitting bag)!" Lo and behold, a #2 Hiya Hiya DP needle had felted itself to the bottom of her bag. Mystery solved! Unfortunately, Jackie had since purchased another set of #2 Hiya Hiyas but the missing needle was returned to its rightful owner.

Then, we had the Peaches & Cream Dishcloth exchange. Everyone picked their names and got information about the likes and dislikes of their exchangee. On the day of the actual exchange, knitters eagerly came in with their finished dishcloths and anxiously awaited to see what someone had created for them. I was extra anxious because I had to power-knit the night before because I forgot to take my yarn with me on my last trip. Debbie Poe made a lovely deep red lace cloth for Jill and packaged it with a matching coffee mug. (I have to confess that we have all been using Jill's coffee mug in her absence.) Debbie went above and beyond, but everyone received a really nice and thoughtful Peaches & Cream gift. Everyone but ME!

I didn't say anything because I didn't want to sound like a baby and I thought my person couldn't make it in for the exchange. I figured I'd walk into the shop one day and find a little package for me with a little note or something-maybe I too would get the dishcloth with matching mug. I checked the "hold bin" whenever I came into the shop just in case my person had stopped in. Nothing!

Tonight at Sock Club, the mystery was solved. Apparently, an unnamed shop owner had my name and decided she wasn't going to knit a gift because she had picked my name. So, according to the Sock Clubbers, everyone else knew that the unnamed shop owner had me-except for ME! So, now I'm the proud owner of a bright orange oversized washcloth/placemat that reads "JUST SAY KNIT". Mystery solved!

The mystery of "Why Can't I post a comment on the Knitwits Blog" is also solved. Little (yes, he's still single and not dating) Steve from Pandora solved this mystery today. He sat down at the computer---click, click, click--resolved the problem! Feel free to comment!

The mysteries of "Where are Sue's Sandals?" and "What's Wrong with Sheryl's Finger?" still remain unresolved. Stay tuned.......
The picture is of Jackie Duebber's sock, knit with Linie SilkSocke and a set of #2 Hiya Hiya needles. We still have a few skeins left and it is super cute!

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  1. OK - let's see if I can post a comment now.....Jackie's sock does look really cool! And it's still a mystery about my finger; I'm now supposed to see yet another doctor.
    I sense a Knitwits Mystery book in the making!!!!