Thursday, July 16, 2009

Malabrigo-Heaven on Needles

If you get sick of me talking blabbing about the pleasures of Malabrigo let me know.

I'm test driving a skein of Red Java Malabrigo Worsted and I can't stop! I was sitting at the desk, overwhelmed by the stack of papers and assorted rubble, so I picked up my Malabrigo and started knitting. I rarely knit at the shop, but it was comforting and a pleasant relief from the toothache and administrative drudgery. I had to force myself to stop and get back to reality.

I'm knitting an AMANDA Hat-free Ravelry download. Pattern says you can get two hats out of one skein! It is a dream to knit with.

Treat yourself to a skein-it's cheaper than pain killers and a Z-pack!

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