Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, Hello faithful Knitwits Blog Readers!

I'm back from my 4-day trip and after a good night's sleep I am feeling somewhat rested. We had FULL flights coming and going for 4 days-we were full of crying babies, cranky children, and adults acting like babies. I must be getting old because I used to fly 5 or 6 legs a day with energy to spare. Now, 3 legs is my physical and mental limit!

On the second day of this trip, I had 4 legs (yikes!) and I had to dig deep in the energy reserve to complete the day. The last leg was a deadhead, meaning we weren't the working crew and we rode as passengers. I usually look forward to deadheads for the quality knitting time.

The flight attendant on this flight to Greensboro was a much older woman named Roxy. I know this because she referred to herself as Roxy many, many, many times in her announcements and Roxy's announcements were very thorough-rambling on for what seemed like hours. The passengers around me looked at me for help-as if I could magically make her shut up. Every time you thought she was finished talking, passengers would give a sigh of relief and then Roxy would start up again-and the crowd would groan. I pretended to be asleep so she wouldn't talk to me. So much for quality knitting time!

Where did Roxy find the energy? Why did Roxy have to talk so much? Thank goodness I would never have to work with Roxy (she works for another airline).

On the final leg of my trip, we ran into the thunderstorms that were over Cincinnati and we were put into a holding pattern. I got on the PA to inform the passengers as to what was happening- and I had a Roxy moment! I started rambling on and on ....and on and on. I couldn't stop! I would pause, stop for a dramatic moment and ramble on, repeat, and ramble some more about nothing. The other flight attendant shot me a look that said, "You hypocrite, you've been ranting about Roxy for two days and now you go all Roxy on me!"

After a moment to collect myself, it hit me! When you dig into your energy reserve, the brain function that usually kicks in to filter your mouth must shut off. Good Ole Roxy must have been tired too!

Thankfully, we landed in Cincinnati, not Lexington as we had thought we might have to due to the weather and fuel concerns. I checked out and came home to a nice, relaxing evening of knitting. Finally, some quality knitting time!

P.S. Above is a picture of my Fake Isle Hat using Noro Kureyon and Brown Sheep Worsted. I did as much as I could without my #6 double points. The pattern is a combination of 2 freebie patterns on Ravelry. It was fun and is a great way to learn the Fair Isle knitting.

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