Sunday, July 19, 2009

Only At Knitwits!

I was driving to the shop today and my phone rang. An "Old Car Horn" sounds when an unknown caller calls and depending on my mood, I let it go to voicemail or I answer it. This time, I answered and it was my high school boyfriend who found me through Facebook.

"So, your Facebook profile says you're a Knitwit. What does that mean?", he asked.

Mmmmmmmm, What does this mean?...........

I gave some generic answer about working at a yarn shop but the question gnawed at me all day long because how do you really explain Knitwits to someone who has never experienced Knitwits?
I heard and said things like "Hey, wanna be a Loser?", "We made Cookies yesterday and today is the Christmas Knitting Accountibility Group", "I hear the Fish has Landed, where's the Malabrigo", "My stash is bigger than your stash!", "Competitive Adult Onset Kickball today, are you in?", "Should I get Sky Blue Fizz or Indian Corn?"and "Did you talk to the Kosher Cowboy?"

These comments would only make sense to a true Knitwit!

Krista Lahners husband, Bill, walked in with a tool box and fixed our front door. What a Guy! He then asked for a dustbuster to clean up. (Again, wow, what a Guy!) A normal retail establishment would have a dustbuster. We shrugged our shoulders and made a stupid face like we had never heard of a dustbuster before. He then asked for a broom. Again, the stupid face response. I haven't seen the broom since we used it as a hanging rod for the Cuddl Duds. (See above).
What other yarn shop carries Cuddl Duds?
Only at Knitwits!
P.S. We had three men come into the shop today. A New Record!
P.S.S We made Bill Lahner, Head of Knitwits Security for his handyman heroics. Steve Meyers remains Knitwits Maintenence. Steve Schleper, Head of IT (whatever IT is). If any other men care to venture in, I'm sure we can make him Head of Something!

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  1. John would like to be Bartender.

    He might be willing to settle for Barista.