Saturday, July 18, 2009

Knit N-Fit off to a great start!

The first walking session of the Knitwits Knit-N-Fit ,Greatest Losers (and non-loser, Jen) met today at Pioneer Park. Eleven of us walked at 8:30 this fine cool, beautifyl Saturday morning. The oval trail surrounding a soccer field, was the perfect place for the haven't-walked-for-awhile-walker as well as the I'm-leaving-you-in-the-dust, seasoned walker. We paced ourselves and each walked as much or as little as time or legs allowed. The fun of it was being together and sharing such a lovely hour.
It is interesting how knitting opens up so many avenues and dimensions of a person. It is a means of connection that crosses into more places than just a craft hobby. A shared purpose and love of color and creative outlet bring us together, but the bonds grow deeper. Yarn and knitting brings us together, friendships keeps close. Our walking group is a chance to better ourselves inside and out. Let's encouragae each other to keep going!
Remember the motto: Losers Unite!! (Jen too!)