Thursday, July 16, 2009


Even though we got back from North Carolina over a week ago, my brain still thinks its on vacation. So, this blog post is full of random thoughts.

My flight attendant friend, Marci is now at home and doing miraculously well. She will need some physical and speech therapy... but all things considered our prayers were answered. Thank you all for your caring and kindness.

The Malabrigo worsted merino yarn arrived today. Janet and I expected a large semi to pull into the driveway to deliver the mother load, but noooooo, Phil the UPS guy came in with a stack of three medium sized boxes. Slight disappointment until we opened the boxes. The yarn is gorgeous and lovely. We hope you like it as much as we do. When I handed a skein to the girls at Kids Camp to passed around, each little girl cupped it in their little hands, held it up to their face and ooowed and aaahed. Yarn snobbery starts early.

To make room for the "Malabrigo Mother Load", we had to put some of our summer yarns on sale. There are bargains to be had at half off! It's stashing building time.

My last trip was very uneventful--until I developed a toothache! Major pain! I have a root canal scheduled for the end of the month and I'm on the mends but I'm way too uncomfortable to put on my uniform and fake smile--had too call in sick.

The Knitwit Girls are kind of on injured reserve. I have the tooth thing going on. Sheryl left the shop early to go the doctor today. She has a swollen finger from a gardening injury and it has severely affected her ability to knit. Janet is achy and has a blue toe from Sunday's Adult Competitive Kickball Game (and the last place finish at Splash & Dash). Sue has lost her favorite shoes. If anyone finds a pair of brown sandals in their knitting bag, they're Sues.

The Peaches & Cream Dishcloth Exchange was really fun! I really enjoyed (much more than I ever thought I would) researching patterns on the web and having a deadline to have a finished project. Of course, I forgot to take my ball of yarn on my last trip, so I had to do some power knitting on Saturday night to have a dishcloth finished for Sunday. Each dishcloth was lovelier than the next--one even came with a matching coffee mug. I'm looking forward to another event like this--maybe a Secret Santa type thing.

This week, I finished the Toddler Bolero in Turquoise Encore Colorspun, my Peaches & Cream dishcloth, I knit 20-some inches of the back of the Shop Owners Waistcoat Sweater in Size M, and all but the binding-off of the neckband of a Noro Sweater. Janet started knitting a puppet, got 3/4 of the way up the front, and lost her pattern. Junko wins this week!

I'm off to test drive a ball of Malabrigo. Ciao!

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