Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have You Been Anywhere Great Lately?

Before Knitwits, I used to travel a lot. I would finish my trips and head off to take full advantage of my free flight benefits in a quest to find the perfect yarn shop. I carried a yarn shop directory in my rollerboard suitcase and I would research of the closest yarn shops in each state and city that I visited. Yarn shops are like snowflakes-there are no two alike!

When I discovered Knitwits on my way to workout at Better Bodies, my life changed. Back then, Knitwits was a teeny tiny yarn shop in the back of a pottery painting studio. The shelves were stocked with lovely novelty yarns and large knitting needles since scarf knitting was all the rage. For me (a sweater knitter) Knitwits was not the perfect yarn shop---but, there was something very special about the shop. The people in the shop were smiling and laughing and you couldn't tell who actually worked there. I ended up spending the rest of the day and most of the next day at the shop. I bought some Araucania organic cotton yarn in circus peanut orange because this was the only yarn that they had a sweater quantity of.

After Knitwits opened, I found myself spending more and more time in the 41017-it was no longer just a place where I picked up mail, did laundry and repacked my bags. Suddenly, I had friends in the 41017-not just an address. Crescent Springs, KY began to feel like home to me.

Six years later, I leave the 41017 only for work and the rare special occaision to venture off to a new restaurant or movie (with someone else willing to drive). My quest for finding the perfect yarn shop is over. The perfect yarn shop for me is right in my neighborhood!

On my last trip, a co-worker who knew me from my travel days asked me if I had been anywhere great lately. They were expecting answers like Italy, France, Miami, Las Vegas, and Maine. The new me answered, "I went to see Avatar in 3-D." Boy, have things changed!

Knitwits was a birthday present from George Haney to Janet and what a great gift it has been for all of us. This weekend marks the second anniversary of George Haney's passing. He is dearly missed!

Janet and Sarah are hoping to spend the weekend together in Ireland. I will be manning the shop. If you're looking for somewhere great to go this weekend, join me in sharing George's memory and gift.

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