Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The ART of Blogging

Junko, I kept your lovely e mail and today when I redesigned my web site, 
thought I would forward the new  site so you can see it.

 As you can see, Asian influences are very strong for me....
who knows if it started on Rogers Drive and the wonderful folks next door.

I hope all is well with you ...


I received the above e-mail today from a former next door neighbor.
When I say "a former neighbor", I'm talking about over 20 moves and 45 years ago.

Joy (a very fitting name), was and still is stunningly beautiful, the mother of a childhood friend, art teacher and an artist. I clicked on the link and entered the amazing world of Joy, the artist.

I clicked on everything that you could click on, studied every one of her paintings and read every word that was written.  My final click landed on "Blog".
Her first and last blog entry was dated 01 December 2011 11:43.

WHAT???? 01 December 2011 !!!!!!
I felt like I hit a dead end.....hungry for more posts and more tidbits of information about the 45 years since we lived next door to each other.

Thinking that she may want some information about me and what I've been up to since the age of say 6 years old, I thought I would send her the link to the Knitwits Blog. It has been so long since I checked on this blog that I had to Google "Knitwits Blog" to get the http address. The search results popped up and I clicked on the KnitwitsBlog.Blogspot link.

WHAT???? May 17, 2013 !!!!!!!!
The opening line of the entry was "It's been a very long time since I blogged!"
I'm so sorry I've left you all dangling again.

While I was there, I reread several of the past blog posts (many of which start out "It's been a very long time since I blogged!") and was amused to read the accounts of my history that I found blog-worthy. As the Knitwits Blog administrator, I can also access the "backside" of the blog---the charts, graphs and traffic statistics about readership.

WHAT????  Over 20,000 people have read the Knitwits Blog !!!!!!

Well, For Joy and those 20,000 others..........It's time to resuscitate this blog!
 Here's a little update:

Dear Joy,
Thanks for the e-mail and link to your website. Beautiful!
Since you moved from Rodgers Drive, I went on to finish first grade and eventually graduated from Fox Chapel Area High School. I then went to Penn State and majored in Art. Since graduation, I have have a variety of careers--retail, marketing, management....slight u-turn.....flight attendant/knitter.....another u-turn......Knitwit.

Perhaps in the few years that we wore down a footpath between our homes, we influenced each other in more ways than we realized.  An Asian influence emerged in your art and a deep appreciation of art and creativity grew within this Asian.

Thanks for endless hours of play, for showing me the difference between "Arts and Crafts" and Art, and for teaching me that Art has no rules.


For those of you interested in Joy's work, click here.

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