Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Day Off and A Day Away

My Blogging Machine- Love the Cover!

Sometime during the day yesterday, I decided that I would take today off.

Jill and Janet are scheduled to work and I would normally go in anyway to try to make a dent in the tremendous amount of undone work piled in and around the office. There are towers of books---full of inspiration and information that I intend to peruse "some day". There are stacks of file folders filled with random papers---some may be important "some day" and some just waiting for me to figure out a suitable filing system. There are bins of yarn and UFOs (unfinished knitting objects)---you got it, just waiting for "some day" when I got the urge to do something with them.  Scattered amongst the piles and bins, handwritten notes and tattered e-mails that serve as reminders of things I must remember to do.

Is today that "some day"?

Heck No!
I have the whole day ahead of me with no commitments but plenty of good intention but I'm really fighting the urge to go into the shop.

So, here I sit at my computer blogging with a second cup of coffee.
Blogging has often helped me get my thoughts organized---the ideas that are racing around in my brain have a chance to formulate as I type them out on the keyboard for all to read.

I ask myself a few questions:
What would the perfect day be?
What direction should the resuscitated blog go in?
Should I pre-blog, make a list of potential blog entries?
Should I do laundry while I blog?
Would a third cup of coffee be a bad idea?

Coffee, yes. Laundry, yes. Pre-Blog, maybe--but blogging just happens. Resuscitation, just try to keep the blog going this time. Perfect Day?

Junko's Perfect Day List:
  1. Get up whenever I get up.
  2. Hot Coffee.
  3. Knit.
  4. Good hair day.
  5. Spend time in a lovely, peaceful setting.
  6. Learn something unknown.
  7. Spend quality time with good company--good food, great conversation, much laughter
  8. Do something for me---mani/pedi, massage, cupcake
  9. Coffee.
  10. Knit.
  11. Nap
  12. Go to bed when sleepy.

Weidemann Hill Mansion, Newport, KY

My Perfect Day is scheduled for Saturday, December 7th, 2013, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.
We (Knitwits) have rented the lovely Weidemann Hill Mansion in Newport, KY for the day and we're planning "A Day Away" from the chaos, hustle and bustle of our regular routine. Janet and I imagine a day spent in our Downton Abbey style mansion decked in Holiday style, filled with our favorite people. Coffee, tea and trays of lovely refreshments are available throughout the day. Guests explore the many rooms full of turn of the century decor, relax on the heated patio with the greatest view of Cincinnati and have lunch in one of the lovely formal dining rooms.

Knitting and crocheting is encouraged throughout the day and special guests stop by to enlighten and entertain. Laura Lough from The Unique Sheep will give a presentation/fashion show of her lovely hand-dyed yarn. Dr. Theresa Holstein will give a presentation on surviving "The Change". Santa will deliver Holiday Cheer....and gifts.  Klaude Kocan and his team of Merry Massage Therapists will be "On Hand" to give Hand and Neck Massages (appointments can be made for a more substantial massage). Janet may even "Cook Up" a little something.

Guests are encouraged to display their own works of art---quilted, needle pointed, painted, knit, crocheted, baked, beaded, etc.  Many of our guests are full of talent that often goes sight unseen.

The cost of "A Day Away" is a $135* and includes lunch, a skein of The Unique Sheep Yarn, Hand and Neck Massages and every thing on my Perfect Day list except #4-Good Hair Day.
* Tickets purchased before November 18th will be sold for $125.

Well...So much for the day off, I just got a text that I'm meeting someone at the shop in a little bit.
Some Day.......

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