Tuesday, October 1, 2013


After piddling around at the shop for most of the afternoon, I finally get myself in gear to make a run to the bank and post office. It's 5:35PM and I have the deposits slips ready for the bank and I have our mail order packages wrapped, packed, sealed and labeled. After rummage around for my cars keys and my new iPhone 5C (I forgot my purse at home, so that's one less thing I have to find)---I'm in my car and on my way at 5:45--plenty of time--the bank closes at 6:00, the Post Office closed at 5:00 but the lobby is open 24/7.

I space out and miss the quick turn for the bank, no problem, I'll stop after I go to the post office. I run into the post office lobby since I've missed the last drop-off box pick up. I dump the flat packages in the mail slot and put the big boxes in the parcel "drum" depository. I move with grace and utmost efficiency--I'm back in my car and on my way to the bank in record time.

There's no line at the bank when I get there--but I'm feeling a little guilty because I have a handful of deposits to make and I know the girls want to get out of there in just a few minutes. The tellers are pleasant as usual and we chitchat and catch up while I'm waiting for the deposit slip receipts. I'm back in my car and the time is........whoa-where's my new phone?

I go back into the bank and I have the girls call my phone number..........silence.

No panic yet but I feel it building up quickly.
I return to the shop--Janet is on the shop phone (panic) and I tell her that I'm having a mini-emergency and I NEED the phone. She's in the middle of a high finance transaction-10 skeins of Cascade Pluscious-to be mailed (of course). She hands me her iPhone and I call the non-emergency number for the police.

The kind and calm dispatcher listens to my dilemma and gives me 2 phone numbers, one for the post office and one for the Lakeside Park Police. I call the Post Office number and after two rings, I hear an angel say "Hello, Dixie Branch, Covington Post Office."

Dixie Branch? Covington? I'm trying to reach the Post Office on Buttermilk Pike in Crescent Springs!

She confirms that I have the right post office and she listens to my sad saga. She tells me to hold while she looks for my cherished phone. I hear clanging and banging in the background, I hear her footsteps coming closer to the phone and then I hear, "Is it a new white iPhone 5C?"

Janet finishes her high finance transaction and drives me to retrieve my phone.

Business as usual at Knitwits!

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  1. J, you need to talk to your nephew about the Find My iPhone app. It works, but it doesn't help much when you phone is on the bottom of a lake. He also had a water-proof case, but that doesn't help much either since the phone didn't float. I guess he should get some points for trying........

    1. Which Nephew?
      I got an AUNT!!!!!!!! text from Nate on Sunday.